Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nail Swirling = Water Marbling

If you read "Water Marbling for the Nails" in my previous posts, you already have an idea what this blog is all about.

Well, my eldest daughter posted a new article about nail swirling.

From there I came to know that nail swirling and water marbling mean the same. You may view her posts at her Codename Aya. Learn and have fun--- Learn the craft of nail swirling and join the contest.

See what she made which she featured along with another tutorial.

Nail swirling by Codename Aya
Go ahead and join the fun! In just 12 steps, you will have your own design. Have fun! Buy your favorite shades of Caronia nail polish now! Please share your creations with us, okay?

Enjoy your day!

Bacon-Asparagus Wraps

 Discovered a new recipe which my daughters liked. Here, take a look.

This is a variation of the original Roasted Asparagus 3 Ways recipe featured by blogger Elizabeth Dehn of Beauty Bets which I found from among Betty Crocker's recipes. I was so enamored by the looks of this recipe the first time I saw it in the weekly newsletter I receive, being a subscriber. I thought of trying it using bacon since I know my kids like bacon (though I don't usually make it a part of my grocery list because I don't like the sight of its oil and the price, of course!)  and because prosciutto is not available in the nearest supermarket.

Here are the variations I made in the original recipe. First, I substituted prosciutto with bacon. Then, instead of roasting the asparagus I wrapped each piece in bacon slices and fried it in a slightly greased pan. Hmmm... I admit Betty's version is more healthy but do you think you would be able to resist the thought of crispy bacon with asparagus? Oh, just come to think of it!!!

Now, for my own version which I call Bacon-Asparagus Wraps, this is exactly what I did...

- 0.2 g asparagus, fresh (20-25 pieces)
- 12 slices bacon strips, cut in halves
 - 1 tsp olive oil

1.   Cut hard ends of asparagus.
2.   Cut each bacon strip into two.
3.   Wrap each piece of asparagus in half slice of bacon.
4.   Fry in a slightly greased pan until bacon looks crispy.

5.   Serve immediately.
Oh, I just love how it turned out! Ayana, my eldest daughter liked it and posted it on her FB wall.

It's best eaten right after cooking to enjoy the crispiness of the bacon. No need to add salt and pepper as the asparagus absorbed the flavor of the bacon.

I also posted this recipe in Just a Pinch Recipe Club, my first ever recipe posted in a foodie network.

Now, time to do some marketing for the weekly stocks! Happy weekend, everyone!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Granny Square on Labor Day

Hi, it's the 1st of May and I'm enjoying my holiday. What better way to relax from work other than embarking on a new crochet project that has been on my mind for quite some time.

"Begin with the end in mind," so they say, so I have pictured the finished product (which I couldn't divulge as of now) although I still haven't figured out how to go about it... I also work through a discovery method, you know. Hopefully I'll be able to finish this project soon. It's going to be an application of the different ideas I have seen from different crochet sites I've been visiting. 

Here are a few pieces I have made since last night. I'm glad I still have the colors I like most from my stash,

 but, yes, I also borrowed this ball from my daughter. 

I started with this one square last night.

   Now, here are some pieces I made.

Will continue making many more of these. The spring colors are just so inspiring! The addiction has once again begun. So hard to resist!

Meanwhile, have a productive day (or have a restful night? depends on which part of the globe you are in)! :)