Sunday, September 25, 2016

Cookie Says an inspiration to share

Last week, I viewed a video ad from a link posted by a Facebook friend. The video featured a new commercial of Lemon Square that "gives us that warm, fuzzy feeling with an unlikely love story that ends with a twist..." as written by Isa Rodriguez.

What's so special about this video other than the fact that it has been generating good reviews? Well, Mariel, the female endorser is the daughter of my long lost friend, Vicky. That, I discovered after watching the video, and browsing through the thread of comments while stalking (ssshhhh....) the FB friend's timeline (sorry, Willie, I couldn't help it!). Now, that struck my chest point-blank. Viewing the video over and over again suddenly made me miss Mariel's mom.  Memories of the past came alive once more.

That's Vicky, my best friend in college. It's been years! But then after all those years, I now realize, I am not the best of friend for her. How could I be, after missing her wedding and her last days on earth? I never even had any idea of the suffering she went through before traveling on to another life. Recalling the past is too painful for me now. The tears are now falling. So before I get drowned in the pangs of guilt, let me just show you a few reminders I have of her during our days as nursing students. So glad to have found these in the pages of my photo album. Sad to realize though we had very few photos of us together (either I was holding the camera or she was on the other half of the class at a different location or the resolution of the photos are not good enough for posting. Bless the persons who took those photos.) Now I'm left with these very few worth posting. 

In simplicy, there is beauty.

Slim and sexy

Vicky and Yamie

One of the very few poses we had together as a batch

The capping ceremony--- a step to the fulfilment of our goal 

 Anolin-Benzon-Caro-Custodio-Divina-Gauan-Ginzales-Mata-Oviedo-Rosal-Tallafer... so the roll call goes. The queue during the Capping Ceremony was no exception. Mine was always the last name to be called.

All studying and no play make nursing students' life a great bore

We used to take the bus or jeepney together everyday to and from school. We would spend sleepless nights in her house or my room with other girl classmates for a group study before major exams and long hours in the library, waiting for our crushes from the College of Law while pretending to read our books. She was imbued with a good sense of humor, like me, that's why we clicked. Oh, yes, we shared a lot of fun, tears and laughter until we graduated from college.

Vicky with classmates (Lulu and Rose) and medical intern in a community practicum
in Bay, Laguna where she met for the first time the man
who eventually became the love of her life

I just love this photo of her taken just before our college graduation.

What's the next best thing after receiving one's diploma? 

Passing the nursing licensure exam, of course, and taking an oath as a professional nurse!

Very thoughtful she was, even after she got married. I received this card from her.

Once she visited me at the dormitory where I stayed as a young nurse in the hospital where I work. She brought along her eldest daughter, a toddler then. That was the last time I saw her. We got lost in our separate lives again, though I remember calling her to say hello several times in her home where she would share with me about her private practice in support of her husband's profession.

Simply beautiful, you are, 
Ma. Victoria Rosal-de la Cruz.
The memories linger.
My tribute to you, 
on this your birthday.

And finally... a page from my slumbook

Yes, indeed,
"friendship is a golden chain that grows stronger each day, ... each year."
With you, Vicky, it has grown beyond life!
I need not see nor feel it now, not even in the days to come,
I stay content at the thought of us having shared it together then, my friend!

"Sometimes, the best words aren't said. They're shared."
-Cookie Says by Lemon Square Cupcakes

Monday, September 12, 2016

Thank you for rejoicing with us in Our Moments Together

Billy, in his anniversary post in Facebook yesterday said, "Now I know what it is to grow old together with someone!" Well, that inspired me to write this. 

This is another late post. Hmmm... not so late though... it's only a day after our 27th anniversary. As usual, I planned to make this two weeks ago but giving priority to caregiving and household duties, especially in the absence of our Manang who has been sick for almost three weeks, has taken its toll once again. 

The weekend routine--- late breakfast, preparing and giving nasogastric tube feeding to my 90-year old father, bathing, bringing out the trash bags for the garbage truck to pick up, folding clothes after laundry, preparing for another batch of clothes to wash... Oh, thanks, dear hubby, for attending to the doggies morning and evening, everytime you're home! For helping me with the dishes when my legs seem to crumble and my eyelids are ready to drop at night. Thank you for sweeping away the dust and dirt off the floors. Thank you for ironing your own clothes after I have washed and folded them. I can't thank you enough for all these and more.

I reviewed my files a few days ago for some recent photos to post in time for our anniversary. To no avail. I was distracted by other more pressing things. Now, let me take a few-minute break to put my thoughts together. Call it 'me-time'. I need to post this today. It's now or never. 

Here they are--- our hubby-wifey photo ops!

Our eldest daughter, Ayana Grace, posted this photo early in the morning yesterday in Facebook to greet us. This was taken July last year during a family day's out at the Art in Island, a 3D Trick Art Museum in Cubao, Quezon City. 

At the Yap-San Diego Ancestral Heritage House
In 2014, Billy used to hold off-campus graduate classes in Mathematics at the University of the Philippines Cebu City. On two occasions, I had a rare opportunity of taking time off my household chores to relax and unwind out of town. While he was conducting his classes, I got to visit some places. The photo above is our reflection in the mirror taken by the caretaker of the Yap-San Diego Ancestral House, one of the oldest houses located in Parian, Cebu City.

The next group of photos was taken during our family's vacation in Hong Kong last year 2015. Read my post about our escapades here.
Lingering to relax at the Statue Square, Central
            At Po Lin Monastery with
   the Big Buddah at the background          

At the Big (Tian Tan) Buddah, Ngong Ping, Lantau Island

Taking a rest after a long walk around Disneyland
Taken on Mother's Day this year, our whole family experienced how it feels to be serenaded by gondoliers during a promo gondola ride. Of course, we grabbed the Mother's Day Gondola Ride Treat promo that offered one free ride for a mom accompanied by three paying persons. A splurge, you may think, it is, uhmmmm.... at P500 per person, but it was a unanimous decision by four. No regrets because the 20-minute ride was worth all the fun. 
At Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Taguig
Last night, we had a quiet and simple celebration of our 27th year together. We strolled to the Backyard Food Park a few blocks from our house and shared this black bun burger with fries and a pitcher of green tea lemonade. 

Yum, yum, yum!

Today I posted this in Facebook and Instagram to thank friends and loved ones who expressed their greetings either by liking or commenting on the posts of Billy and Ayana yesterday.  
Selfies before and after dinner
Wahaha! Look at how my color theme perfectly matches the painting on the brick wall! Nice choice for the night eh? 

Thank you, once again, as the likes and anniversary greetings continue to pour in the comment boxes. We praise God for you all in rejoicing with us as we celebrate our simple joys together. 

Till my next post. I really hope it will be soooooonnnn!