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40 years ago, Dear Teachers

Thank you for coming over. Here are more of Day 1.

The program for the Ruby Jubilarians accorded former teachers special honor by calling them on stage to receive tokens of appreciation. Batch President, Roger Jumuad, led the recognition ceremony.  

Batch representatives, Angie Geronimo-Tuale, Lawrence Ledesma and Eve Sison handed the tokens to each one of them. 

The day didn't end after the recognition of our former teachers. There were still plenty of time for photo ops. Everybody was beaming with joy. Even the cameras shook in excitement that I had to reject many shots.

Here... see more photos of BCC High School Batch '77 alumni enjoying the fun. Laughter filled the air. It was just so nice to see each other again!

Somebody took a photo of these pretty ladies up on stage while the program was going on.  Regina Gayapa, Cheryl Verde-Runatay, Cherry Pie Lino-Sermonia and Lory Ann Padilla. 

This time with Doreen Coriana. 

Math and Algebra teacher, Miss Alising and Geometry teacher, Miss Patalagsa

Teachers missing each other.

Teachers missing their students. Students missing their teachers. 
Isn't that a classic example of M. U. (mutual understanding)!!?? 

Isn't it obvious, I couldn't decide which pose to post. Then post both. That's exactly what I did!

                         Libertad Patalagsa: "Eve, tan-awon ta bi kon dumduman ya ka?"
                         Eve Tallafer-Sison: "Si Miss Patalagsa ay waay na kadumdum sa akon ah!
Doreen Coriana: "Maam, karon lang kamo himutaray, smile anay abi!"
                         Miss Alising: "Sin-o ni gani man?"

                         Miss Alising: "Day, sin-o ka gani ya?"
                         Eve Tallafer-Sison: "Baw, Maam, waay ka na gid ya kadumdum sa akon haw?
                                          Ti abi himutari ako maayo."

                Miss Alising: "Hoy Eva, ikaw ni gali? Ay ahay ah... waay na ko kakilala ba."
                Miss Patalagsa: "Ano abi kay nag gwapa sya!" 
                Eve: "Tuod, Maam? Thank you gid ha!" (Buot nya silingon, law-ay gali ko sang una. 
                            Sige lang ah, basi sang una waay pa sya ga-antepara.) 

                 Jocelyn Jaleco-Camemo: "Maam Alising, Maam, bugtaw anay. Lantaw anay
                       kon sin-o ni sa tubang mo."
                 Elsa Buenaflor: "Baw aga pa ni nagtulog si Maam Alising man? Nagpulaw guro
                       kagab-i ay!"
            Miss Alising: "Hoy, Cherry Pie Lino, ikaw na? Ay, Day, ka-cute gid ya sa imo gihapon no?"
            Jocelyn: "Ay ti kanami no kay kadumdom pa man gali si Maam kay Pie."

                      Miss Alising: "Ay sus, Doreen, nakibot man ta sa imo man!"

Thank you, dear teachers, because what you have written on the blackboard of our lives, nothing could ever erase. Like candles, you consumed yourselves to light our way.

Watch out for more in Part 3.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

40 years later

To reminisce with my old friends, a chance to share some memories, and play our songs.
- Ricky Nelson

40 years ago, we stepped out of the portals of Binalbagan Catholic High School, our alma mater. On May 11-13, 2017, we came back--- as the alumni homecoming theme says, to reconnect, retrospect and reminisce.

Formerly known as Binalbagan Catholic College - Elementary School, now the current BCC High School campus, was the venue of the 8th General Alumni Homecoming where Batch '77, our batch, was honored as Ruby Jubilarians. Well, not all attended but if I am not mistaken, this was the first time we had a very good number of attendees compared to previous reunions. Great time, indeed, it was to reconnect, retrospect and reminisce.

In the photo below, you will see our batch seated on stage. A special program was conducted to honor us, Ruby Jubilarians, at the covered Multi-purpose Gym. This gym, named after the founder of the school, Rev. Father Patrick V. Hurley, was a project of the BCC High School Alumni Association during the term of office of  Mr. Rogelio (Roger) Jumuad as President. The idea of building a multi-purpose gym was conceived in 2004. Fund raising for the project was initiated a year later. Construction was done under the care of the Task Force Pavilion. The Task Force, chaired by Roger, was composed of the alumni association officers, BCC High School principal, faculty members and administrative staff. The project was finished in 2017. Hmmm... just in time for the reunion? Credits to Roger for all these information.

A special program was held at the Multi-purpose Gym especially for our batch.

I was among the three alumni from our batch asked to share reflections of our high school years. 

I was teary eyed while reading my script, glad though that I was able to contain the tears. I thanked our teachers, the Columban Fathers (Fr. Hurley, Fr. Gaeghan, Fr. Shannon, Sis. Annunciata, Sis. Teresita and Principal Mrs. Pacita Y. Jo, among others. We salute them all for having played their part so well in molding us to become the persons we are now.

Then, Pablito (Pabs) Gonzales introduced Batch Valedictorian, Angelita (Angie) Geronimo-Tuale. It was her time to talk

Finally, for his reflections, Lawrence Ledesma in an acrostic, gave a new meaning to the letters B-C-C. 
B- est High School education 
C- hristian values
C- ommunity service


Look, this is one of the necklaces with floral pendant given away for all Ruby Jubilarians. 

Each one of us was called to receive the pendant from Sis. Soldevilla. 

                                            Rogelio Jumuad                                           Ronald Alangre

                        Chona Cuison                 Nida Gomez            Elsa Buenaflor

                            May Dizon               Libertad Patalagsa 

                                                                      Pabs Gonzalez                  Joelito Billones

              Jocelyn Jaleco - Camemo                                                 Angie Geronimo - Tuale

           Cherry Pie Lino - Sermonia         Lory Ann Padilla                 Doreen Coriana

              Raynalyn Ngitngit                       Erilyn Susana 

                    Lawrence Ledesma                 Jerome Dazo                     Vicente Genzola

                        Regina Gayapa             Rosemarie Gemarino          Bernardita Malunes

These were among the alumni present during the Honoring Program. I'm so sorry if I wasn't able to take photos of all  the other alumni receiving their pendant. I was not in a very strategic location to take photos. Credits to May Dizon and other alumni for some of the photos here. 

It was real nice to see everyone and feel their presence. Happy faces I haven't seen for so long. Some were not able to attend our Silver Jubilarian Homecoming in 2002.

We deserve to have this pose. How about a wacky one? Say "silver"!

  Batch'77 Alumni 
Ruby Jubilarians of BCC High School 

Click here for more photos of Day 1