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Stamps and Letters | The Eras Postal Tour: Day 2 - The SuperTrees

Glad to see you here today! How would you like to join us  for a walk at the Gardens by the Bay?! 
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Stamps and Letters | The Eras Postal Tour: The Search for Hawker Cuisine

  Hello there! Day 3 - a journey to Bugis Street and Chinatown awaits! Prior to our trip, hubby reminded the kids to include Hawker food centers in our itinerary, and today is the day! Bugis Street, a bustling street-shopping district in Singapore, is renowned for its affordability and variety of souvenirs, accessories, clothes, electronics, houseware, and cosmetics, drawing locals and tourists alike.  As we explored Bugis Street, the vibrant Candy Staircases at Bugis Village caught hubby's eyes, their whimsical designs resembling giant unwrapped candies, adding a touch of charm to the area. Then we encountered this mural that prompted me to reach for my hawker stamps and tongs from my bag. I had to yield to the irresistible call for extreme philately!  Right then on, the photo ops began! In hindsight, my choice to bring along these stamps proved to be a wise decision. This Hawker Culture stamp set was i ssued on March 26, 2021 in order to commemorate the successful inscription of

Stamps and Letters | The Eras Postal Tour: Historic Fullerton

Day 5 greeted us with a clear, bright sky, setting the perfect backdrop for our adventure. As the kids prepared for the much-anticipated concert, I was thrilled at the thought of exploring the iconic Fullerton Hotel. 

Stamps and Letters | The Eras Postal Tour: BeJeweled!

Hey there, happy to have you here! Ready to embark on the Eras Postal Tour with me today? In case you missed the Preps post, click here to catch up but make sure to come back! Our first stop couldn't get any better than the enchanting Jewel Changi Airport! It tops our itinerary list for today. Connected to the Arrival Hall - Level 1 of Changi Airport Terminal 1, Jewel is a captivating nature-themed attraction. We missed to see this on our initial trip to Singapore in November 2013 as its construction commenced in December 2014, and finally debuted in October 2019 following a five-year development period.  After claiming our luggage, we just had a quick breakfast, then walked into a lush green terraced forest.  Spanning 21,000sqm, this verdant oasis is home to over 2,000 trees, 10,000 shrubs, and the show-stopping Rain Vortex, the world's tallest indoor waterfall.   Perfect timing, we thought, as we patiently waited for the clock to strike 11:00 in the morning. All heads and ey

Stamps and Letters | The Eras Postal Tour Preps

While I may not be a self-proclaimed Swiftie, I’ve witnessed my eldest daughter Ayana Grace bring Taylor Swift's piano melodies to life through her videos on social media over the years. Recently, she shared this- - - 

Crocheted Chair Socks

It’s been more than a year since I crocheted. Oh, how I miss my yarn and crochet hooks! I gave away yarn from my stash to unload and declutter before we moved to our new residence last year.  

Your Grace is Amazing

Sunday morning. I was standing in the midst of the congregation, reflecting on the lyrics of the song flashed on the screen. My heart overflowed with praise and thanksgiving for how the Lord has been so gracious unto me and my family all these years. 

Cornetto… for our 34th

  I knew it! Somebody’s going to post this photo in his timeline before I could! 

Stamps and Letters | From Manohar

It’s World Letter Writing Day today (September 1).  In this post, I’m sharing a story about my very first Indian penfriend, Winston Manohar Karkada. 

Stamps and Letters | Queen Sirikit’s 60th Birthday

Today is August 12, 2023. On this same day in 1932, Queen Sirikit, wife of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, was born.