Friday, May 31, 2013

Curlicue Roses pattern by Fiber Flux

Wohoho! It's a real nice feeling to be able to post anew after more than a week! Gosh, I've been craving to do this all the time but the volume of work just prevented me :(

I was browsing my Blogger dashboard when I saw a new post by Fiber Flux. Oh, you should see her curlicue roses!
Here, click on this link to see her work.

See, they are just so pretty that I was so inspired to make my own. Her pattern came at such a perfect time, while I was packing for a trip out-of-town. I was invited by my husband to join him while he attended a two-day workshop for the university where he's working as mathematics professor. My schedule allowed it :) and so off I went! Perfect time for me to unwind... relax, crochet, stroll around and bond together. Hmmm... I also had some time to organize my files in my computer :) I will feature the resort in a separate post.

Did I say crochet earlier? Oh yes, of course, I brought along with me some yarn! Happiness!!! 
I stayed at the workshop venue on Day 1 and after doing some work in my computer (oh well, I confess, it was not really "no-work-at-all" for me), while my husband and his team did their own thing, I felt sleepy (I hardly had any sleep at all) and so Fiber Flux's curlicue roses came to life!

Here they all are before the finishing touches (attaching the leaves and weaving off the ends) ... 

I like the pattern. Very simple and easy to follow! Could be easily adjusted to any size of rose you desire. I also attached one leaf to each rose using the same pattern featured by Fiber Flux in her post.
What do you think? Did I give justice to Fiber Flux? I gave three of these to Lily, wife of my cousin, who was also a participant in the workshop. It was nice to see her after quite a while. I couldn't pass the chance of giving her and her kids any of these small tokens as souvenir. I hope they'd all like it and get to use them!

Unfortunately, the two ladies who were introduced to me by my husband as his friends (well, he has very few friends, you know, so when he said they were his friends, they really must be!!) have already left ahead so I wasn't able to give the remaining two roses to them. And so, here's what I did!
The colors are just perfect for my bag and my sanitizer! Once again, thank you, Fiber Flux for the pattern!
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Joining a Mother's Day Nail Art Photo Contest

Hello there! It's been more than a week since my last post and I really am not happy about it. Well, I believe I was lost in some events with the family just before the whole world celebrated Mother's Day. For the first time, our family made a double celebration for that day and Ayana Grace's 23rd birthday together. Family bonding it was--- night swimming, watching a movie and enjoying meals out. 
Credits to Ana Cristina for this photo
But wait, there's more... Ayana Grace and I joined a Mother and Daughter Nail Art Promo by Nails by Chic Centre. Joining the contest is very easy and simple. All we had to do was upload a photo collage of me and my daughter's nail art design using Bobbie/Chic nail products. Ayana Grace did my nails, of course!

The voting period starts today until 12 noon of May 31, 2013. Only one photo entry which garners the most number of online votes via the Facebook promo application will be chosen as "Fan Favorite" for the Voter's Choice Category. Oh yes, pleaseeeee help us win.... we need you to vote for our entry!

Here are the steps to cast your vote:
1. Log on to to access the promo app to be able to vote. Each vote will be time-stamped.
 2. Like the Nails by Chic Centre fan page. Only fans of the page will be able to cast their vote.  Fans may vote only once a day until May 31.
3.  Click on the Mother and Daughter Nail Art Promo application
4. Click "Gallery"

5. Click our photo entry under the name, Ayana Grace, to enlarge our picture. That's the rightmost photo on the first row.
 6. There, now you see our photo collage entry. Scroll down the sidebar on the right side of the photo to see the number of votes. Click "Vote".

 7. A prompt will tell you if your vote was saved or a reminder that you may cast your vote only until May 31.
For questions on casting your vote, please don't hesitate to use the comment box below. We appreciate your help so much! Have a great week ahead!

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Making of Dory Float Fries

Last Sunday, I played connoisseur of recycling left-overs. I just had a simple plan of preparing a dish for the dory I bought the previous day, but opening the ref and seeing some left-over  lumpia wrappers, several pieces of overripe saba, bell peppers, small sachets of tomato ketchup from food chains and a bottle of Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur challenged me into concocting a new dish.
By the way, the Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur was brought home by my youngest daughter, Ana Cristina, as a winning prize in a raffle contest last December. I've been using it as marinade in some dishes.

Back to my concoction... I call it Dory Float Fries because while placing slices of dory into crispy pieces of lumpia wrappers which I fried in a stainless pan, it seemed like I was playing with paper sail boats. 

Here's how I did it.

6 pcs Dory, sliced into 2-inch squares per piece
3 pcs calamansi, juiced (lemon may be used)
1 thumb-sized ginger, sliced thinly and minced
Salt, ground pepper, cumin, curry powder
4 pcs saba banana, cut diagonally into 3-4 slices per piece
Large lumpia wrapper, quartered


1 medium white onion, sliced
1 large tomato, sliced
1 small green bell pepper, diced
1/3 cup Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur
1 tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsps tomato ketchup
Marinade used for the dory slices
1 tbsp green onions

1. Marinate dory in calamansi juice, ginger, salt, ground pepper, cumin and curry powder. Set aside for 5 to 10 minutes.
2. Fry banana in oil until golden brown. Remove from oil. Drain on paper towel. Set aside.
With saba as side dish. Oh, how I love overripe saba!
3. Using the same pan, fry dory slices for 2 minutes. Turn each piece one by one and fry for another 2 minutes. Remove from pan.
4. Prepare sauce-toppings.
5. Place one slice of fried dory into each quartered piece of lumpia wrapper.
6. Fry in a stainless pan until lumpia wrapper becomes crispy.
7. Place sauce-toppings over the fish and serve with fried banana slices as side dish.

Prepare sauce-toppings:
  1. In the same pan used for frying the fish, sauté onion and tomato. If there's left-over oil from frying the fish, there's no need to add oil anymore.
  2. Add bell pepper, Mango Rum, brown sugar, ketchup and fish marinade. Simmer for 1 minute.
  3. Sprinkle green onions on top.
Surprisingly, this new dish became a hit for the whole family for Billy (my husband), Ayana Grace (eldest daughter) and Ana Cristina (youngest daughter)! I was so elated, they just didn't know how I tried to contain my excitement seeing how they liked the dish! The spices in the fish marinade perfectly blended with the sweetness of the sauce-toppings. I can do this again and again! 

By the way, this dish  is Garden Chef's 7th participating recipe at Petitchef

Enjoy the rest of the week! 
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Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Right to be Beautiful: A Vision

In my previous post, "Waking Up to a New Face" I mentioned about some beauty products given to me by Ayana Grace, my eldest daughter. These include Chestnut Color HairSpa Sachets and Age Defense powder from hbc, a beauty/cosmetics center. Talking about hbc... Ayana Grace blogs about hbc (Hortaleza Beauty Center) products and look... they got her among the featured bloggers in a promo poster for this whole month of May!

Here's Ayana (Aya Sison) featured at the hbc timeline and cover photos of FB page of hbc.

Photos captured from hbc FB page
I have to admit that I've already been a beneficiary of the various hbc products (San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation, San San Natural Concealer, San San 2-Way Cake with Vitamins A, C, E, SPF 15 and San San Really Red lipstick) all from Ayana's haul.
But of course, I wouldn't pass the opportunity of posing beside the poster where Aya Sison is featured!
Taken at hbc Fairview Center Mall Branch :)
Amazing how a couple was able to turn 6 stores into more than 200 nationwide and add 17 more abroad! Click here to read in brief the success secret on how hbc has become "a multi-billion company ranking among the top 700 corporations in the Philippines" by just clinging on their "vision of giving everyone the right to be beautiful". You may also visit the hbc website and get to know about their products.

You can dare be beautiful while patronizing our own Filipino products! Have a great weekend, everyone!
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Labor of Love

Wohoho! What could be better than enjoying a mid-week relaxation!  As Labor Day is a global event, I bet, you and I are celebrating something in common... today's holiday!?? The "how" may differ though. 

Well, today, I remember someone who is celebrating her birthday. That's Lilibeth, a former colleague of mine. Beth, as she is known to friends, has left our country to work in the U.S.A. late last year (2012). Before she left, we gave her a Despedida (Farewell) Party. 

Here are some photos taken during the party where we gave her some gifts she could bring along to the U.S.. 
Beth seated on her throne during the Farewell Party

We gave Beth a scrapbook where everybody wrote messages for her
Beth and us, her family at the workplace!!
We gave her a cute Hello Kitty bag (sorry Beth, there was no photo taken) and two pieces of neck warmers. Here are the neck warmers I crocheted for her. 
First,  the Butternut Squash Neckwarmer (left). Inspired by Jennifer Dickerson's original work at Fiber Flux... Adventures in Stitching, I made this minus the two buttons indicated in the pattern. 
The Butternut Squash Neckwarmer I made using Jennifer Dickerson's pattern
I didn't have time to buy buttons in time for the party but I found a bracelet and a pin which I thought could replace the buttons.  Since I couldn't decide which of the two (the bracelet or the pin) would be the best substitute, I gave both to her. See how perfectly they match the color of the yarn?
For this neckwarmer, I used one whole skein given by Aunt Marly. I enjoyed making this all the way. It was my first time to use this pattern and I just found it very easy to follow. I mentioned this in my previous post, A Hug to Inspire.

Beth likes green so here's how the second neckwarmer looks on her. Made of variegated rainbow yarn with different shades of green.
See how she converted the neckwarmer into a head/earwarmer, which she said she "truly likes"! Perfect for the winter season!

I'm supposed to feature this second warmer in another post but I couldn't find the link that leads to the original pattern anymore! :( I'm very, very sorry! This one was also very simple and easy to make. I feel a very strong urge to continue searching for the pattern. Once I find it, I won't fail link back to the original source.

Au revoir, Beth! Enjoy your special day today! Best birthday ever?!!!! Miss you!
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