Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Sequel to "Life is But a Weaving"

How are you spending your weekend?

Remember my post two Sundays ago featuring the poem of Corrie Ten Boom? Here's a sequel to that.

Actually, when I read Corrie Ten Boom's poem, "Life is But a Weaving", I remembered an excerpt I copied and wrote in my notebook many years ago (as in yeaaaaarrrrssss since I wrote it when I was still in college, so 30 or more years ago ). I don't remember the source anymore though I'm sure it was from one of the books I've read. While posting Ten Boom's poem, I exhausted all my efforts  recalling the similar excerpt, sad to say, my efforts were in vain. That meant I had to search among my clutters to find that old notebook of mine.

After searching some corners of the house, that includes bookshelves and boxes where books and old notebooks are stored, I finally found the most wanted notebook!! :)

See, here it is…

It's a hardbound notebook entitled "Gathering". In the front cover is a picture of two ladies holding together a basket of fruits while walking along what seems to be an orchard. Just below the title are two lines from the fifth stanza of "The Slave in the Dismal Swamp," one of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poems about slavery:

"All things above were bright and fair,
All things were glad and free."

I have written in this notebook my collection of beautiful poems, quotations and excerpts from articles I've read before.

 And just as I remember, here's an excerpt, the message of which seems very similar to that of Corrie Ten Boom's "Life is But a Weaving".

"It is not a meaningless pattern that God weaves in your life.
Not a single wasted stroke does He allow, and there isn't a single
thread that is wrong. Some of His ways with us are "past finding out,"
but it is because we now see only the underside of the pattern
He has planned. Someday we shall view all its minute perfection
from  the upper side."

I'm so sorry that I wasn't able to jot down the source. I must have rearranged the sequence of the articles when I copied them in the Gathering Notebook. Could it have been from the Streams of the Desert Daily Devotional which is one of my favorites? Or from a book authored by Joni Aereckson-Tada? Whoever the author is, the truth of the message is loud and clear. We  need not understand God's work in our lives at the moment  despite all the tangles we see underneath the surface but we can rest assured of the perfect finish God  has prepared on the upper side. Not very different from the words of William Cowper in his poem, "God Moves in a Mysterious Way":

"God moves in a mysterious way,
His wonders to perform...
...He treasures up His bright designs,
And works His sovereign will."

Surprisingly, look at what  Ravi Zacharias, in his book, "The Grand Weaver: How God Shapes Us Through the Events of our Lives" and  Gordon Wong in "God Makes Sense Even When Life Doesn't" have to say? I challenge you to discover and post your comments.

Till my next blog post! :)

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