Saturday, March 10, 2012

Galunggong Delight

This past week I chanced upon our hospital cafeteria a breakfast menu consisting of fried Galunggong with achara (pickled green papaya with carrots, ginger and onions) as side dish. I wasn't able to resist the sight of the crispy fried galunggong  which I imagined to be statuettes of somersaulting ballerinas after bathing on high heat. I ordered one serving for my lunch which I very much enjoyed, leaving a small portion which I was able to bring home for dinner.

Galunggong (big-bellied round scad or Mackerel Scad <Decapterus macarellus>) is among the very common fishes in Philippine waters and markets. It is usually considered as the index of  well-being among the Filipino common Tao in the same way that the Big Mac is used globally1. GG, as it is abbreviated by Filipinos  has a dark somewhat oily but tasty flesh.

Seeing the heap of galunggong in the market this morning reminded me of the crispy GG I ate for lunch last week.  That gave me in an instant a bright idea for today's menu. And so, without any further ado I proudly present, though simple it may seem ---the making of my Fried Marinated GG with Steamed Veggies.

 Galunggong fresh from the market
Marinated in

 vinegar, garlic, salt and black and ground pepper

   Fried in canola oil

Served with tomatoes...
  and steamed carrots, broccoli and sayote (chayote) with French dressing as side dish.


 It was a simple yet sumptuous lunch which both my husband and I concluded with some slices of luscious watermelon.

Coming up next for lunch tomorrow...
  Steamed mayamaya (Red Snapper)
Enjoy the rest of the weekend! :)

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