Sunday, October 14, 2012

Solomon's Knots--- Lovers' Chain?

"Though winds are wild,
And the gale unleashed,
My trusting heart still sings:
I know that they mean
No harm to me,
He rideth on their wings."

This post was inspired by the torrential rains that brought my country once more to the headlines last August 6, 2012.

I woke up to hear the TV newscaster announcing the suspension of work among government offices due to the unceasing downpour of heavy rains. Many areas were already flooded! There was no news of typhoon but the rains just came pouring so hard like there was no chance for it to stop at all! Not very long after I came back from the nearest grocery store to buy candles, the lights went off. Whew! And it didn't take long also before my PC's battery went off. So aside from cooking the day's meal, there wasn't anything left for me to do but grab my crochet needle to start a new project--- my first shrug ever.

I was so enamored by the Lover's Knot Shrug pattern by Microgirl.  

Pattern by Microgirl

 It must have been the color that struck my attention and inspired me to make one. Other than single crochet stitches, the pattern, as you can see, used only one other kind of stitch--- the Lovers' Knots or Solomon's Knots. 

Solomon's Knots... Solomon... Well, the only Solomon that I know is King Solomon, son of King David in the Bible. This King Solomon is known for his wisdom, that made him different from the other sages of ancient times. He taught many proverbs and wrote the Book of Ecclesiastes and the Songs of Solomon, as well. While he was greatly sought by many people from distant lands to hear his godly wisdom, he made a grave mistake of disobeying God by taking many wives and marrying daughters of foreign kings. I wonder if the fact that Solomon loved many women, as he had  700 wives, 300 concubines, and that he allowed the building of altars in honor of the fertility goddess, got to do with Solomon's knots being also referred to as Lovers' Knots? 

I've never done any crochet project using this kind of stitch before. However, reading the instructions and watching the following video tutorials seemed very inspiring because the knots were very easy to do!

As I watched the video tutorials repeatedly, the excitement just welled up to a level high enough for me not to get started.  Embarking on the decision to start with a black thread  was not very difficult at all. Microgirl's pattern was easy to follow. Here it goes...

1. Take one of your t-shirts that you like the fit of for a gauge. 
2. Chain enough so that you reach the length across, using the tip of t-shirt sleeve to tip of t-shirt sleeve, plus a few more chains.  This will determine the width of the shrug, allowing for sleeves approximately equal to that of the model t-shirt. 
3. Turn, single crochet in second chain from hook.  Single crochet across. 
4. Turn, *do two lover's knots (refer to earlier link for more on lover's knot), single crochet in 4th single crochet of previous row from hook*.  Repeat across.  When you reach the end, do two more lover's knots and turn. 
5. Next row:  single crochet in end of first lover's knot from last row (you'll need to reference to the earlier link to probably see what I mean here). 
6. *Make two lover's knots, single crochet in the end of the first lover's knot of the second group of two lover's knots*.  Repeat across. 
7. Continue in this manner until you have reached a rectangle of sufficient size so that the rectangle can be folded in half lengthwise (this is going in accordance with vysews drop-stitch knit shrug pattern) and sew up sides of rectangles enough to make arm holes.  I estimate that my shrug was 15 inches in height, then folded over, and I sewed up the sleeves two inches.

Now take a look at the finished product minus the edging which I still plan to make.

 In the coming post, I'll be featuring my second shrug project using my favorite color--- green!

A blessed week ahead!

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