Friday, May 31, 2013

Curlicue Roses pattern by Fiber Flux

Wohoho! It's a real nice feeling to be able to post anew after more than a week! Gosh, I've been craving to do this all the time but the volume of work just prevented me :(

I was browsing my Blogger dashboard when I saw a new post by Fiber Flux. Oh, you should see her curlicue roses!
Here, click on this link to see her work.

See, they are just so pretty that I was so inspired to make my own. Her pattern came at such a perfect time, while I was packing for a trip out-of-town. I was invited by my husband to join him while he attended a two-day workshop for the university where he's working as mathematics professor. My schedule allowed it :) and so off I went! Perfect time for me to unwind... relax, crochet, stroll around and bond together. Hmmm... I also had some time to organize my files in my computer :) I will feature the resort in a separate post.

Did I say crochet earlier? Oh yes, of course, I brought along with me some yarn! Happiness!!! 
I stayed at the workshop venue on Day 1 and after doing some work in my computer (oh well, I confess, it was not really "no-work-at-all" for me), while my husband and his team did their own thing, I felt sleepy (I hardly had any sleep at all) and so Fiber Flux's curlicue roses came to life!

Here they all are before the finishing touches (attaching the leaves and weaving off the ends) ... 

I like the pattern. Very simple and easy to follow! Could be easily adjusted to any size of rose you desire. I also attached one leaf to each rose using the same pattern featured by Fiber Flux in her post.
What do you think? Did I give justice to Fiber Flux? I gave three of these to Lily, wife of my cousin, who was also a participant in the workshop. It was nice to see her after quite a while. I couldn't pass the chance of giving her and her kids any of these small tokens as souvenir. I hope they'd all like it and get to use them!

Unfortunately, the two ladies who were introduced to me by my husband as his friends (well, he has very few friends, you know, so when he said they were his friends, they really must be!!) have already left ahead so I wasn't able to give the remaining two roses to them. And so, here's what I did!
The colors are just perfect for my bag and my sanitizer! Once again, thank you, Fiber Flux for the pattern!
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  1. Lovely flowers !
    Have a nice weekend !

    1. Thank you, Anna! :) I enjoyed making them! Enjoy your weekend, too!

  2. Beautiful flowers! You can use them in decorating anything you wish!
    Have a fab weekend!

    1. Thank you and yes, I made curlicue rose identifiers. Next time, I plan to make curlicue rose necklace. Have a productive weekend!

  3. Beautiful flowers! Gorgeous colors!
    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

    1. Thank you, Ana! I had a great time making them.

  4. How pretty! Love these! Thank you for sharing the pattern...I'm definitely going to have to make some of these. How sweet of you to share them, too. I'm quite sure it blessed those who received them.

    Thank you for linking up with me!

    Many blessings - Julie

    1. So glad you like them, Julie! I'm sure you will be addicted to making these cute flowers!


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