Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fast food dishes by Garden Chef: Mackerel - veggie omelette

Oh, no, it's almost 8:00 am!!! No more time for another snooze :((  This is one of those days when I don't feel like getting up from bed but I have no choice. I have just begun to feel the stress of office work for the past weeks. Yesterday was another lazy day. No marketing, no cooking... just blogging in bed! :)) 

Okay, now I'm off my bed. So what happens next? You gotta be fast!!!!! Any idea brewing? Let the countdown begin!

Opening the cupboard, I see a large can of 555 Mackerel Salmon style. 

Are there eggs? 
Yes, I still have six pieces. 
Take out three. 
Open the can of Mackerel. One onion coming. 
Then the veggie bin, of course! 
Let's see... I have tomatoes, green bell pepper, carrot and leeks from among the other vegetables. Let me take one large tomato. 
Cut a piece of leek from the stalk, take out the green bell pepper and the remaining carrot.  

Now, I'm ready! Did you get the ingredients? Don't worry, I'll summarize them for you. Here...


1 medium onion, sliced
1 large can of mackerel salmon style, cut into chunks
1 small carrot, sliced into strips
1/2 small green pepper, diced
3 medium eggs, beaten 
pinch of salt, ground pepper, any spice of choice 
1 tbsp leeks (or green onions), sliced thinly 

  1. In a skillet, heat some of the oil from the can of mackerel. Saute onions and Mackerel chunks.
  2. Add carrots. Allow to simmer.
  3. Add tomato slices and bell pepper. 

    4. Add salt, ground pepper and other spices to beaten egg.
    5. Pour egg mixture to sauteed mackerel mixture in pan, turning pan left and right to mix the egg         evenly over the mackerel mix. Allow the egg to settle in very low fire.

    6. Once the eggs have settled, top with leeks and serve with toasted bread or with fried rice.

Here it is...

It does look like pizza. By the way, for the spice, aside from ground pepper, I used Garam Masala, a spice I bought during our recent trip to Malaysia. 

Have a great week ahead! Oh, I'm looking forward to two holidays this week. More rest days :)) Thank you, Lord!
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  1. Hmmm.looks yummy and tempting!

    1. Thank you! Did you give it a try for your kids?


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