Sunday, November 9, 2014

Google Doodlers of the Philippines 2014

Proud mother! A colleague of mine at work, she is. Who wouldn't be, when her 11-year old son, Miko, was one of the 40 finalists out of 51,000 doodlers who submitted their entries for the first ever Doodle 4 Google event in the Philippines? This was Google Philippines' collaborative effort with the Department of Education and the National Youth Commission.

Several weeks ago, I voted in all four age categories. Oh, I didn't find that easy at all! Voting was based on the given criteria of artistic merit (the quality and skill demonstrated in the doodle), creativity (how well the student incorporated the Google logo into his or her illustration, being readable, with unique and creative uses of the letters) and theme ("What can I do for the Philippines?" expressed in both artwork and the written description).

I am no painter, neither do I draw from sheer imagination. Oh, yes, I remember coloring my drawing assignments as a kid, but that never prospered to become a hobby or talent. I can copy or imitate drawings, if you call that any talent??? hahaha! Seriously now, I have great appreciation for people who are good at this.

There were 10 entries to choose from each age category. I narrowed down my choices to four per age group. Wohoo! Tough job! Here, let me share with you my choices. You may zoom in to take a closer look at each doodle to see the name of the doodler, title of doodle and description.

5 to 8-year old category

9 to 11-year old category

Miko's entry is the one on the left.

12 to 14-year old category

15 to 17-year old category

See, aren't they all beautifully done? These were just my choices. You can view all the entries of the 40 finalists here.

And the four winning entries are--- tada!!!!

Over-all winner
Well, well, well, you must have been enamored by the artistry of the kids! In case you haven't noticed, the winners in all categories were among my four choices! Hmmm... does that mean anything? 

Before I sign off, here are some best photos of Miko during the fun and googley Arts Workshop and Awards Day by Google Philippines which he and the other finalists attended.

Congratulations, Chris Mikhail Galang!

The winners (top row) and finalists. Miko at the center, front row.

Uh uhh, lest I forget, congratulations, Criselle! Proud googley-doodler Miko's mom, you are, indeed! Have more and more other artsy works in the future!

Have a great week ahead, everyone!

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