Thursday, December 25, 2014

Nail Art Technology

This is a re-post. I deleted the original post by mistake! Huhuhu!!!
Glad to be back, after quite a while! Today, I would just like to feature a state-of-the-art in nail designing which I learned from Ayana, my eldest daughter. Her latest blog talks about the magnetic nail polish pattern-shaping magnet which creates this kind of look in your nails.

Ayana's nails after using the magnetic nail polish pattern-shaping magnet
Intrigued at how the nail art magnet technology works? Let me usher you to her tutorial blog. Click here.

I personally never realized there's this kind of technology for the nails! In the past, I've learned about nail swirling and nail marbling (also from Ayana, of course). Now, nail art goes magnetic ehhhh?

Would you like to try it? I hope I could try it myself one day.

Happy weekend!

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