Saturday, June 13, 2015

Crocheting a Summer Necklace

I really don't know why I am attracted to any shade of green that when I saw Oombawka Design's Forever Summer Necklace and Bracelet set, deciding to make one was no effort at all. Maybe because in my mind, I imagined having a similar color of thread and beads in my stash. Great! It didn't take long for me to assemble the needed materials.

I made two strands of necklace that I immediately gave to a friend before I could take good photos of them. Now I'm preparing this post. Too late for me to realize that. So is there any better idea than making a new one?

Thread, plenty. Beads, more than enough. I remember buying additional packs recently. I don't want to run out of green beads ;)

Here, take a look...

So, how do you like it? Actually, that's just one necklace photographed in three different views.

After making the Sweetheart Beaded Choker the first time, I was so inspired that I told myself, "I'm definitely going to make more of these!" So that explains this seeming addiction to crocheting beaded necklaces. My boss suggested I use swarovski crystals. Wow! Isn't that a grandeous idea?! Will definitely try that one day... after saving a fortune!? Maybe Rhondda could suggest a special thread for that project?

Isn't green really cool? Well, it's been starting to rain every afternoon in my part of the globe since this month of June. But I still wish I could beat the summer heat by wearing light colored tops that would make a perfect match to my Forever Summer Necklace. 

Have a nice weekend! Oh, it's a holiday today in my country, in celebration of Independence Day, so let me say, "have a nice long weekend!"

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