Wednesday, July 26, 2017

This girl has turned into a woman

Frankenstein: "Go ahead, kill me, kill me!"
It's past my bedtime but I couldn't resist doing this... blogging after almost a year! For a special occasion like today--- errrr... yesterday (I'm already late by almost an hour, I know). Oh, I couldn't seem to believe it, my youngest daughter is now 25 years old. Denial, most of you might say. With my fast graying hair, there's no denying it. I'm really getting older. 

Well, Tin, as usual, as in the past years, I don't get to execute my plans no matter how I  strategize it. (I still won't reveal my original plan here though. Who knows, I might be able to fulfill it years from now.) For now, I'm posting these three poses of you with Frankenstein at the Universal Studios in 2013. 

It's been 4 years, yes, but I have to confess, I could still vividly remember how I enjoyed watching Frankenstein's irresistible antics with you while posing for these photos. Deep inside, I thought, "What's he doing with my child?" He never did those poses for a number female tourists on queue before us!!!! He was actually in a hurry to pose with the next girl. (Googling on images of Frankenstein in Universal Studios show photo ops of him strangulating people or frightening them away creating 'scenes'.) And now, look how he took time posing with my daughter! Mind you, the queue of tourists waiting for their turn has slowly become  longer. Mixed reactions from a mother whose daughter caught the attention of one drama figure like the monstrous Frankenstein!

Here they are--- the FrankensTin poses. 

Frankenstein: "Hey, mom, can I take your daughter's hand?"

Frankenstein: "'Tis is she, the love of my life---
my next victim."
Looking at these poses in front of my camera then gave a poignant realization that the once-little-girl I carried is little girl no more today. As the song goes, "...I don't remember getting older, when did they?" 

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