Sunday, November 6, 2011

Once upon a blog spot

How this blog spot came about---

My eldest daughter is a blogger. Once in a while I would take a peep at her blogs and I'm amazed at how she manages to talk---errr, write about the details of various products she would buy and use. By the way, she's a registered chemist who blogs about beauty, make-up, skin care, fashion and food, loves everything pink and girly, and claims she's the type who allegedly wants to shop a lot without spending a lot. To contact her, you may email her at

Now back to what I was saying, I get so amazed at how she would write about the nitty-gritty of what she likes or doesn't like in a particular product. The first time I read her blog, I said to myself, "She's got what I like---writing out herself into the open, into the world!"

I have a few confessions to make about this. First, I must admit I was a bit surprised at how greatly she has improved her writing skills compared to when she was in high school. Second, I also admit I like her style---very spontaneous? Third, I admit my love for writing gradually resurrected back. And so, I thought of how I would be able to create my own blog spot---one that would reflect the real me with all the things I like in life.

And so I asked my daughter to help me create this space in the Net. What is it going to be called? "Kusinadome,"  My Queendom in the Kitchen," "Crochet Garden," "Crochet and Cuisine in the Garden," "Jardinera, et al,"  ","  "Escribo y ganchillo en la cusina" were titles that came to mind as I wanted one that would reflect my passion in cooking and crochet, my love for plants and writing. Why a tinge of Spanish? I thought having a Spanish title would create a traditional yet aristocratic impression and style.

Finally, I thought of "Garden Chef’s Needle and Pen" which I believe projects a perfect blend of my hobbies all in one spot. So here, I can write and share about my cooking experience, my crochet projects, gardening blues, lessons I've learned from day-to-day, including my own spiritual journey.


  1. Welcome to the blogging world, Aya's mom :)

  2. Hello tita! I'm one of Aya's blogger friends and I'd love to support you too. I am into cross stitching naman. I know how to do basic crochet lang. I hope to learn more of it from your bonggang newly installed blog. Welcome to the blogverse!

  3. Thanks Gellie and MissGennD, for the warm welcome. Ayana's with me all the way here. I just write and she does everything else. :) It might take ages before I'll learn this blogging craft. Quite complicated, it seems, at my age! But I guess I'll enjoy it here. I just don't have the luxury of time.


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