Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Season Crochet Marathon Part 2: The Loving Hugs Newborn Booties

My last post about crochet was the marathon of the Fingerless Gloves. I promised to post the Loving Hugs Newborn Booties next so, as promised, here it is... the making of a pair of booties especially for the baby of my officemate, Julie.  See the invitation personally made by Lee.
When we first planned about having a shower party, I immediately thought of making a pair of socks as gift. (Actually, I've been thinking of crocheting a pair of socks for months now. The desire came about the moment I signed up in Make Socks, a group initiated by Cheryl Isenberg in Stitchtalk, a sewing community. I joined the group hoping to be able to make at least a pair so that I could share it, but the project just brewed in my mind and has never materialized.) "Now is the time," I said to myself. I just thought crocheting a pair of socks would be a perfect gift for a baby shower. 

So the first thing I did was to look for a pattern as I had none in my files. I had only a few days left before the date so I didn't have much choice left but to look for a simple, easy-to-follow pattern that I could finish in a jiffy. While browsing over some patterns from the Internet, I came upon the Loving Hugs Newborn Booties by Darcy Richardson

I liked the pattern at first glance because it really looked easy to make. Going through the instructions confirmed my first impression and I was not mistaken. It was so reader -friendly and very easy to follow. 

See the making of my own version of it. I used yellow yarn because 'twas too late for me to realize I didn't have enough pink yarn in my stash. We already knew Julie is going to have a baby girl so I planned to crochet a pair of pink booties. But then I couldn't delay the making for another day just to buy pink yarn. I wouldn't have finished on time for the shower party. So, yellow it was.

  True enough, I was able to finish the booties in two nights while watching my favorite TV soap drama 
before going to bed. Here it is, the finished project...

This is Julie with all the gifts we showered her. She is expected to give birth to a baby girl anytime now.

It looks like Julie liked the booties! Nice color?

 As I crocheted these booties, I also became excited at the thought of giving friends labors of love such as samples of my favorite recipes or crocheted works as gifts this year. Couldn't wait to see what will come out of my crochet hook this holiday season. You may post your guess at the comment box below. Whoever gets it right will be featured in my next crochet marathon so please tell something about yourself before you post your guess.

Meanwhile, have a craftsy New Year's Eve! :)


  1. I love the booties; I also like to do the baby girl dress. My son and daughter in-law are expecting a baby girl in April. I plan to crochet a white dress with pink ribbons!

  2. Glad you like the booties! :)
    Do you have a pattern for the dress already, Maam? I think I have a lot of patterns in my file.
    Happy New Year!

  3. My little girl already used it. Thank you po... Many people who saw this cute little thing were amazed, especially the mothers, they like it so much. They asked me where did I bought the nice booties of my child. I told them, 'sorry this is not for sale at di rin ito binili', my Mam Eve made it exclusively with her love for my cute little girl.


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