Monday, December 5, 2011

Whose responsibility?

   "You are responsible for what others think of you." Can't remember where I first heard this quote--- from the preaching of a former Pastor, a Sunday School teacher or a former college professor? I couldn't recall anymore. :(
     But the truth in this statement has since then reverberated in my mind. Is this dress too revealing? (Haha! As if there's anything to reveal afterall! :) ) What if I say or do this? Not that I fear what others might think of me for being the real me. I simply mean that it (the quote) should make us more cautious lest we be a stumbling block and others be offended by our actions. By actions I mean anything we say or do. When we get surprised, are amazed or in awe of something, we often utter words we don't really mean. Unknowingly we may actually be blaspheming the name of God with our expressions on those unguarded moments. The way we dress, our facial expressions, places we go to… virtually anything that would allow others to harbor unpleasant thoughts about us and doubt our Christianity.

     As a mother, I would often remind (hmmm… "nag" is more accurate, I confess) my daughters on how they dress---especially on wearing of short shorts, miniskirts and plunging necklines. Oh yes, call me "old fashioned", I'm not ashamed to admit it. But being remiss on my responsibility of teaching modesty as a value is one thing I would far from desire. Oh yes, indeed, how difficult it is to strike a balance between being fashionable and modest in this modern world!

     How we grow our hair, the kind of dress we wear most often speak of the inner recesses of our hearts. It is true that there are no hard and fast rules on these areas in God's written Word and that being the case, we need to apply our individual soul liberty. This liberty usually comes into play in areas which the Bible does not address directly. Let's be careful not to misuse this doctrine when as believers we do not show much concern about our testimonies especially when we seem to care less about what others think of us such that we become poor examples or stumbling blocks especially for our weak brothers and sisters. Let's be reminded on what Paul had to say in Rom 14:21 about how we should do nothing that would cause a weaker believer to stumble or be offended.  Let us be responsible in practicing this liberty in a quiet, respectful and non-offensive way. Common examples of activities where this liberty often becomes an issue are going to movies, watching TV, playing cards, dancing, choice of music and style of dress, among many others.

     I remember a preacher who once gave the following self-check questions. When you are at the crossroads of making a decision whether or not to do a certain thing, see if these would be of help to you:
     Will this bring glory to God?
     Will God be pleased if I do this?
     Will brothers and sisters be edified?
     Will it cause others to stumble?

     Now back to the quote--- "You are responsible for what others think of you"…  Doesn't it ring a bell at all? "I am responsible for my rose."

     Do you remember who said that? Well yes, it's the Little Prince! I find it very  interesting that the Little Prince himself made a big deal talking about his responsibility to his rose. More so that "love and responsibility for one another" is the central theme of his story. Very relevant, don't you think?                               
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