Saturday, January 7, 2012

Holiday Season Crochet Marathon Part 3

Hello there! How are you enjoying the new year? How was your New Year's celebration?

In my last post about my crochet work, "TheLoving Hugs Newborn Booties", I posed an invitation for guesses at what my crochet gift items for friends this year would be. Sad to say, there were no guesses posted in the comment box, so let me just show you the things I made for the past two weeks. Are you ready? Here, take a look at the gifts I gave away...

Rainbow coasters
Lacy Hair Scrunchies

  The original pattern for this necklace is in white but I decided to use black yarn so that the necklace would go well as a choker to any blouse especially white.

Coffee Time
Flowers, leaves and flower basket corsage

Beverage cozies
  (This beverage cozy has no link because I got the pattern from a copyrighted source and I couldn't find the pattern from the Internet. The author of this pattern is Debra Arch, the same author of the pattern for Coffee Time. She has a lot of beautiful works featured in Crochet World Magazine, a magazine for crochet lovers, and Ravelry, a knitting and crochet community.)

Retro Neck Band
 This Retro Neck Band can be used as a neck warmer.

The gifts before they were given away to my colleagues at work
 There, what a real nice feeling to have given labors of  love! Actually, these were not all the crocheted works I made because there were a few that I have already given out before their photos were taken. I just hoped that what I gave to each one was really what they liked or needed. Sometimes, this is where I'm not very good at. Suffice it to say that I enjoyed crocheting all of these and as we always say, it's the heart and the thought that count most rather than the gift, right?
Next time, I will share my experiences while making each of these crocheted works so just keep yourselves posted. ;) Meanwhile, you can tell me which among these items would you like as a gift and why? Who knows, you might receive one any time this year? But first, you need to join this site (click here) or post in the comment box below.

'Till my next post! :)


  1. the necklace looks really cute and it's also because i've been in love with floral stuff <3

  2. Thank you! I agree with you Gellie, that necklace is really nice that I wasn't able to resist working on the pattern the moment I saw it.

  3. Hi Gellie, I've been so busy since the start of this year that I haven't done any project yet. Could you please do me a favor by measuring your neck in inches? And your preferred address too! You can PM these info to me in my FB account---evesison


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