Monday, April 9, 2012

Taking a Spiritual Journey through Crochet

Have you any crochet project that led you into a spiritual journey in the making? I do! 
 Crocheting the Business Card Sleeve from Crochet Spot gave me a blessed opportunity of going on a meditative pilgrimage back to Old Testament times. 

Business Card Sleeve from Crochet Spot

 How to crochet on the opposite side of the chain is a special feature in the Business Card Sleeve pattern that taught me the steps of going round and round until the finishing off rather than turning around each time to crochet towards the other end. The tutorial was reader-friendly and the steps real easy to follow.

My own version of the Business Card Sleeve in the making
Following the instructions as I worked on, no matter how simple it may have seemed, caused me to take a glimpse of the Israelites'  plight as they traveled 40 long years from Egypt to Canaan (God's promised land) when such a journey allegedly wouldn't have taken them more than 11 days. This is not a very unusual experience in our lives when we, for various reasons, oftentimes avoid the path that God lays down before us. God could deliberately lengthen the process of any endeavor in order to teach us some lessons.  The verses in Deuteronomy 8: 2-5 narrate the reason why God allowed the Jews to wander in the desert for so long. God wanted to teach His people about Himself and his laws which took up time because they doubted God's power and showed cowardice.
Can you think of any other reason for such a long journey? Or have you ever been in the same situation as the Israelites any time in your life? You may write your answer/s on the comment box below.

Oh, by the way, here's how my finished product looked like.
My finished product!
                See how it perfectly holds my Loyalty Card?  True enough, as mentioned in Crochet Spot, this project is a simple solution for storing business cards! Fast and easy to crochet, it is perfectly designed for cards to fit snugly so that they do not fall or get wrinkled. The absence of flap or button closure prevents bulkiness if the sleeve is used for holding other cards such as ATM cards of similar size.
Now, will you take the challenge of making your own business card sleeves using the color preferences of your friends? After all, these would make nice gifts for any occasion, don't you think so?

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  1. Yes, it would make a lovely gift. And I agree with you about taking time to find what God intends. Have a blessed day. Iliana

  2. Thank you for sharing. There is a connection to GOD and HIS word in everything in our lives, if we will look and allow HIM to show us.

  3. Hello Eve, As you've probably noticed I'm going through your blog posts. Yes, yes, yes I can relate to Israel's journey through the desert taking 40 years instead of 11 days. I've been through and am probably still on my wilderness journey. But God is good and I know I will come out on the other side one day.

    Your card holder is so cute, a great idea for a gift. Kind Regards Mandy

  4. Thanks so much for sharing at Wednesday's Adorned From Above Blog Hop. This weeks party is live. I hope to see you there.
    Debi, Joye and Myrna (The Busy Bee's)

  5. What a smart idea! Wish I had that God gift to knit! Hope to see you again tomorrow at UNITE! So glad you have been joining us! ~ Jen


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