Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chicken-sausage potato-broccoli in skillet

It's past midnight, I know, but let me share with you a recipe I just posted in Just a Pinch Recipe Club, a social network of hometown cooks sharing old time recipes.

My version of the recipe posted in Just a Pinch Recipe Club

The original recipe is called Potato, Broccoli and Sausage Skillet...

Betty Crocker's original recipe

...but then again, and as usual, with just a few twirls of my magic kitchen wand, I have turned this Betty Crocker recipe into my own version.

My own version of the recipe
Now for the modifications I made... while Betty's recipe calls for boxed potatoes and frozen broccoli florets, I used fresh for both ingredients. Then I substituted El Paso Chunky Salsa with Campbell's chicken soup which added a creamy flavor to the chicken. Finally, I added red bell pepper to add a contrasting color.

The recipe posted on my Facebook wall
Now, how about giving this simple recipe a try? I bet even the kids would love it! Ah, this would also make a nice treat for Fathers' Day! A blessed Sunday to all!
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