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Arroz Valenciana: an all-time Favorite

       Another foodie blog to bid this weekend goodbye. This post features a very popular Visayan dish---Arroz Valenciana, which you will find in almost every home during fiesta, weddings and any special occasion in my hometown in Negros Occidental.
     I have seen various forms of this recipe. Some use coconut milk. Others would use tomato sauce, resembling paella. No wonder! This dish is referred to as Poor Man's Paella. Why is that? Arroz Valenciana is a variant of Paella, a famous rice dish originating from Valencia, Spain.

    The major difference between Paella and Arroz Valenciana is the manner of preparation and the ingredients. While Arroz Valenciana is basically cooked on stove, paella is baked, using special ingredients such as wine,  seafoods, vegetables and  the expensive spice, saffron.

         Now, for my Arroz Valenciana, I usually use the following ingredients:

1 kilo malagkit (glutinous or sticky) rice
Turmeric powder
Water (1:1 ratio with malagkit rice + 2 cups)
3 tbsps oil
2 cloves garlic minced
1 medium onion
1/3 cup chicken
1 cup shrimps
1 cup chicken liver
1/2 cup pork liver
1/2 medium sized carrot cut into strips
1/2 medium sized red and green bell pepper cut into strips
1 can cooked green peas
Salt and ground pepper to taste
Banana leaves (foil or wax paper) large enough to cover lid of pan
3 pieces hard boiled eggs as garnish

The ingredients
Malagkit Rice
  1. Wash rice. Remove excess water. Mix turmeric thoroughly with rice. Set aside.  
Turmeric mixed with malagkit rice
                2. Sauté chicken in garlic and onion. Add shrimps, pork liver and chicken liver.  Simmer for 3 minutes.
                3. Add 1 cup water. Let boil.    
                4. Add rice and water. Allow the rice to cook.  Add water if necessary.

Malagkit rice simmering in water

                5. When water is almost absorbed, add the vegetables.
                6. Cover tightly.  (Banana leaves, wax paper or foil may be placed underneath the pan cover 
                     to make a tighter seal)

               7. Reduce heat to very low. Continue cooking, mixing every now and then (to prevent formation 
                   of crusts at the bottom of the pan) until rice is fully cooked.

 8. Garnish with hard boiled eggs cut into strips before serving. 
   You may play around with the ingredients. You need not mix the chicken, chicken and pork liver and shrimps all at the same time. Any two (chicken and liver, or shrimp and liver) of these will do. Pairing chicken or shrimp with either pork or chicken liver always gives an extra flavor to it.

     Now you may enjoy this very popular Visayan dish which has already captured the hearts of many people all over the country! 

      Happy cooking! :)

      Need any help? Please feel free to post in the comment box below. I would love to hear your question!
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  1. Poor man's paella... looks pretty tasty to me. Thanks for being part of the first voyage of Food of the World.


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