Saturday, July 7, 2012


     Hello there :) Had a busy week, going home very late for three days straight so... I feel I need to give myself a pamper today. I didn't go to the market today as I usually do on Saturdays. Instead I took hold of my crochet needle and ventured on a new pattern I've been wanting to work on for the past weeks. Will feature that in a separate post next time.

     Meantime, I just would like to share quite a number of digital frames I made out of just one photo. Here's the original photo (credits to the official photographer of the participants of the 14th Cardiovascular Nurse Practitioner Program! I like this! :) Thank you!)

     Here are all the digital frames I made out of this one picture. 

     There they all are... quite a number, yes, I took time to explore the different designs of Photo Frames Online. I featured this as part of my previous post entitled, "Exploring the Art of Photo Editing" last year. It's just a matter of picking the right design for the right picture and I dare say this again, it's really very addicting!

     Well, I believe this is all for today though I still have lots of topics in store for the coming days.  :)

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