Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Moshi is crying, rain is coming!

Ever since I started blogging, this is the first time that I am featuring Moshi, our family's dog. It's time you meet Moshi, our 10-year old Labrador-Golden Retriever-look-alike pet. 


He sings to the tune of Selecta Ice Cream each time the ice cream vendor passes by. He can sing, yes, but he can also cry, cry and cry out loud!  
Asking permission that he be allowed in
 Get to know Moshi a little bit more...

His first call is to alert us in the morning when it's time for him to pee and a little after eating to poop, that is, if nobody is around to anticipate his personal needs. He would also cry when he senses that rain is coming, or when he would like to sit or sleep on his chair but it is out of his reach, or when there's lightning and thunder and certainly without a doubt, when fireworks start to explode during Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Most often Moshi wouldn't pooh on any wet space in the garage. In my post yesterday, I mentioned about the southwest monsoon enhanced by a tropical storm that brought heavy rains. This nonstop downpour for the past three days has left our garage wet, so wet that Moshi has been crying incessantly.

The rain still came on and off today, though not as heavy as the past two days. After feeding Moshi his breakfast, I patiently walked him around the open garage until he was able to do his thing.  With the rain starting to pour, he attempted to run back to his corner had I not pulled on his collar. Well, just like yesterday, it was worth the wait after all! Yeah, patience indeed is a virtue, as it took me almost 30 minutes standing there outside, just watching and following his every movement with an umbrella (lest we both get drenched in the rain), whispering to him once in a while to hurry, as I had something brewing in the stove inside.

Just awhile ago, I heard his cry again. You guessed it right, it's raining! I peeped thru the window to see the chairs out of position. I went out to fix his sleeping carpet on the chair but he wouldn't use it. Guess where he preferred to lie down instead?

Oh there he is... underneath the chair with a newspaper for his mat. Do keep still and give us a quiet night tonight, okay? Back to work tomorrow after the two-day holiday and a two-day work suspension due to the storm. Does that call for a 
 or a 

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