Sunday, June 29, 2014

Crocheting a brand new coffee mate!

Enjoying an afternoon cup of coffee alone? Tired of staring at your old plain mug? Here, let me introduce you to this Mug Cozy! Your new coffee mate from now on. Isn't it a cutie? 

It has been three weeks since I made this mug cozy but I haven't publicly acknowledged the author of its pattern in my site yet. So here it is.

That's my little  Samsung Galaxy S3 buddy keeping me company, showcasing the Mug Cozy pattern from Bubblegirl Boutique Hand Knits at the background. That's the Red Heart variegated yarn I used. I still have some left-over in my stash that I can use for another project.

My finished Bubblegirl's Mug Cozy before the button was sewn into place

I worked on it while watching TV before I went to bed. It was very easy to make. Only that I just had to guess where to fasten the button because I wasn't sure about the exact circumference of the mug. I gave it as a gift last Fathers' Day to a dear brother in our church. 

These were the Mug Cozy, Coffee Cozies and Soap Savers I gave away to some (sorry I wasn't able to make enough for all) fathers in our church. I didn't realize until now that blue is beautiful! Click here to view my previous post on the Soap Savers.

Oh, I so love the color! I should make more of these! Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your Mug Cozy pattern! 

Happy Sunday to all! 


  1. This is a cute pattern. Going to try it in size 10 crochet cotton thread with a size 6 or 7 needle!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  2. Thank you for your comment and for dropping by!


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