Sunday, June 29, 2014

Enjoy the taste of the Grill

Home-church-home is our family's usual routine on Sundays. Between church and home, after attending the Sunday Worship Service, we would often stop for lunch at Toni's Grill.

Located right in the middle of Shakey's Pizza and Dunkin Donuts at Pearl Drive Mall, Fairview, Quezon City, Toni's Grill has become a frequent weekend hangout of our family for lunch. 

Opening the door, this is what you will see.

Did you say ambiance? Well, not a very formal atmosphere inside. Homey is more like it. We do see familiar faces almost every week. Toni's Grill is gradually becoming a luncheon melting pot of families coming from different churches in the Fairview community.

A very practical place to dine where one can enjoy simple legitimate Filipino cuisine at very reasonable prices.

We have a favorite spot at one corner where this big wall painting is the background.

Now it's time to order! Com'on!

Pick your choice! I'm starving!

Krispy Kangkong (P 58.09) is a favorite entree.

How I wish I could manage to turn a bunch of kangkong leaves into thin pieces of egg-coated crisps that taste like spinach.

The perfect blend of the sweet and sour dressing of this Thai Eggplant (P 103.43) 
has caught the tastebuds of Ana Cristina.

The egg slices would disappear in an instant even before I could get one for myself!

Pinakbet na Bangus (P 176.95) --- is Billy's default dish, having fish and veggie in one.
We get to share this large half slice of bangus set in a platter 
arrayed with string beans, okra, squash and ampalaya with its thick creamy sauce.

Ayana Grace would order any of these---
Seafood Medley (P 243.80)

Garlic Squid

Chicken Teriyaki (P 193.97)

Pancit Palabok (P 134.68) solo serving

Ana Cristina likes this Crispy Hito Salad (P 154.58)

and other similar dishes such as Ensaladang Mangga (P 101.42) and Thai Green Mango (P 83.69).

Lumpia Shanghai (P167.12)

Chef Rice (P 147.46)

One order of this savory fried rice with carrots and green onions,
topped with egg omelette and shrimps serves more than four.

Our favorite thirst-quencher --- either ripe or green Mango Shake (P 85.00)

Did you notice the generous serving of each dish featured? One serving is actually good for 3-4 persons (shhhhh…. Even if the waiters would say one serving is only good for two, one shouldn't take their word all the time!) We would order two to three dishes and enjoy a sumptuous lunch!

Clean and cozy place. Restroom and wash area?  Well, a little bit of maintenance like prompt refilling of the liquid soap could still be appreciated and an automatic door closer for the rest room because of its proximity to one or two tables. 

Planning your next meal? Try Toni's Grill and enjoy Filipino cuisine that keeps us coming back week after week.  It also has several branches in Metro Manila. 

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Wanna join us? Come on!

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