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Pan de Amerikana: the Upside Down Resto in Marikina City

Telling a person that he or she has turned one's life upside down gives a romantic undertone. But in this post, I use the expression in its literal sense. Take a look at this photo to get a clear picture of what I mean. 

Credits to The Woman and Her Exiguous Aspirations for this photo.

Now, see what I mean?  I wasn't able to take a view of the whole facade as shown above when we stopped over for breakfast in this place. I just had enough time to take a portion of the whole view. Look at the photo below.

This is Pan de Amerikana Bakery and (Upside Down) Restaurant located at 92 Ordonez Street, Marikina City where you can enjoy pan de sal and various breakfast menus anytime of the day. 

Map from Google
 This is what the place looks like up-close. 

The entrance

I know, I know, I'm not good at taking photos, but do you notice the unique design at the entrance door.

Come on in! 

Photo by Grace Kayanan

Near the counter, here's Mr. Chef with his information board featuring the holiday schedule of the restaurant.

For a change after so many years in the history of our hospital, the organizers of our summer team building this year proposed a unique and bright idea of enjoying a "Tour D' Art" escapade, to which a majority agreed. Our itinerary was set for us to have breakfast at Pan de Amerikana at 7:00 am. The whole team was very particular that we reach our first destination on time so each one was asked to place breakfast orders days ahead so that the restaurant staff could serve us all, more or less 30 people, on time. 

We were offered a variety of choices for both rice meal or sandwiches for breakfast. For the rice meal--- beef tapa, tocino, Ilocano longganisa, daing na bangus, corned beef and mushroom and cheese omelet. They also serve pan de sal sandwiches. Two pieces of large pan de sal for a single order! 

This is just one of the two pieces of pan de sal with tuna and hot coffee served to my seatmate.
Rice meal or two-piece pandesal sandwich plus coffee or hot chocolate or juice for P 100.00! 
Don't you think it's very affordable?

This was what I had for breakfast.
Mushroom and cheese omelet with rice and hot chocolate. 
While waiting for the food to be served, one could never fail to notice this nook where framed photos of selected veteran movie actors and actresses of different era are displayed.

Looking up, this design is seen underneath the roof where floral decorative vines are suspended.

These pieces of furnitures mounted on the ceiling are noticeably amazing!

A piano on the ceiling??!!
And a dining set, too!
No, no, no, you're not seeing any magic here. See the photo on the left below. That's me reaching for the table hanging on the roof.

Now, look at the photo on the right. Oh, yes, you're right, that's still me, turned upside down. Don't you think it's cool? 

While waiting for the others to finish their meal, there was enough time to survey the area. I didn't feel the need to use the rest room but I managed to take some shots outside. 

That's me standing just outside the rest room which was rated 3/5 by one of my colleagues. Furnished with mirror and bidet, with the wash area located just outside the comfort room.

A couple of sink with adequate supply of water and liquid soap.

There were other displays to view around the area. 

Well, it was a nice experience we had in this place. One-of-a-kind exteriors. Unique interiors. Good ambiance. Scrumptious food at an affordable price. Clean rest rooms. 

Hey, look what I found! 

Here's a screen shot of their page featuring our group having fun during breakfast.

You are welcome to LIKE their page. Click here to view.

Time to leave now to have more fun in our next destination, the Pinto Museum in Antipolo, Rizal. See you there!

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