Saturday, November 4, 2017

Singapura, The Lion City: A Day with Merlion

Hello, glad to see you again! So, you would like to know our escapade on the third day eh? Well, Day 3 had two more places to offer--- the Merlion Park and the Suntec City, as we had to leave for home then.

Our day started with an early morning visit to the Merlion Parklocated near Marina Bay. See this--- a mix of fish and lion perching on a wave, that's Merlion, the national symbol of Singapore.

Here's another view of Merlion from the other side

In this park stands the two famous Merlions: the mother Merlion and her cub. The mother Merlion is 8.6 meters tall (28 feet). 

Not very far from the Mother Merlion is the cub.
The Merlion cub stands 2 meters high. 

While waiting for our turn to pose with the Merlion statue at the background, I saw photo ops of tourists creating scenes like drinking water from Merlion using their mouth.  Well, well, well, another idea came brewing in my mind. I borrowed Ayana's umbrella to create this camera trick. What do you think? My daughters followed suit. Sad to say, they couldn't take a clear pose of me without photo bombers at the background. #umbrellasAtMerlion 

"Hello there! Aren't you finished yet? Can I have my turn now? Please..."
Waaaahhhh, to no avail. 😒😭
Oh, how I envy their photos! 


Hmmm.... how about doing some magic? I'm not good at photoshop editing. But I couldn't take it sitting down. Now see the photo below. A little more enhancement and I could perfect it... someday. Wishful thinking. It was my idea afterall! 

"Careful not to get wet!"

Oh, here's another antic of mine with gushing water from Merlion. I won't be surprised if this becomes a trend from now on! 
"I just wanna bring some water home!"
Look, hubby also took an attempt to catch some water spewed by Merlion. 
The sun was starting to shed more of its rays. We had to hurry as it was getting difficult to get a good angle with more and more people blocking the background. But wait, can somebody please take a photo of me first?  
Thanks for this shot!
I was able to get this angle of Merlion overlooking Marina Bay. 
With Marina Bay Sands at the background
I love this view of Marina Bay Sands from the Merlion Park.

Thanks again for this... 

And this... 

The Merlion has been relocated from its original position to where it stands today. 
That's in front of the One Fullerton Hotel. Can you see me?

The last place we visited was the Suntec City, a shopping mall located at Temasek Boulevard. It was all window shopping for us though.

The Fountain of Wealth

On our way out of the mall, these wooden carvings on display caught my attention.
 From the Suntec City, we went back to Perak Hotel to pack our things and have lunch at Shahi Kitchen along Perak Road. Had a taste of what seems to be Indian food.

Sorry, I couldn't recall the names of these dishes we ordered.

This one tastes good!

After lunch, we made ourselves ready for Changi Airport, the world's best airport from 2013 to date and one of the busiest international airport, too. 

We lingered at the Social Tree while waiting for our flight. 

All we had to do was go to a kiosk to have our family photo taken...

... and uploaded to the Social Tree. See photo below. 
Here let me enlarge it so you can see the 4 Sisons right there at the center! πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„

I spent a longer time viewing our photo displayed at the Social Tree. 
I was so amazed again that I even took a video of it as balloons carried it up, up and away.

 After playing around the Social Tree, hubby and I posed at the Changi Airport
 photo booth just for laughs. 

Well, that concludes our adventure. Now the wait is over. Back home we fly. 
Goodbye Lion City!
Oh, there you are still. Thank you for traveling with us.
 If you missed our adventures at Sentosa on Day 2, click HERE.
 'Til our next trip, hopefully soon!

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