Sunday, November 18, 2012

Neckie Mobius Cowl

Happy weekend to all! I had a heavy week so what could be more relaxing than crocheting a new project on a Saturday? I declared this day as a real rest day for me. No marketing, no cooking (except for a very light brunch --- Tuna Chow Fan side dished with cucumber-tomato mix and left-over chicken nuggets) but how could I say no to crochet? It will always be a perfect relaxation for me! And so, in between sleep periods throughout the day, I found myself working on a cowl.

I used a combination of two patterns. One pattern was the Unisex Cowl - Neckie Crochet from The Sunroom,
The Unisex Cowl - Neckie Crochet
 and the other one was the Mobius Infinity Cowl by Michael Sellick.

I started working using the Mobius Infinity Cowl pattern by Michael Sellick, from Step 1 until after the first part of Step 3, where the direction to start a mobius says, "Turn the work so it has a permanent 180- degree twist." Then, instead of making DCs all the way back to the beginning chain, I shifted pattern to follow the "DC, chain 1, DC" from the Unisex Cowl - Neckie Crochet from The Sunroom.

Using this whole ball of Red Heart Yarn,  I started the work with the twist made at Round 2. Do you notice that in the upper portion of the photo on the right?

Look what I got at the end of the day.

See the inverted band on the lower portion of the cowl, resulting from the 180-degree twist made after Round 1. This was my first time to make a mobius. My husband who is a mathematician explained it to me in mathematical language which I didn't quite understand. Suffice it to say that for a layman, a mobius is simply a loop with a single twist.   A mathematical phenomenon, it is... for a child, it can be magic, for others it can be a riddle, an art, but for crafters, it can be a scarf, a cowl, a lace wrap. How about you? Have you tried any project using a mobius? What project have you made using a mobius design?

Have a great week ahead! :)


  1. Beautiful! I have never tried mobius before. May be I should give it a try. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. Thank you for the visit! Hope to see you again soon. Yes, a mobius is great for scarves/cowls.


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