Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lacy Hair Scrunchies

In my previous post last week, I featured the Retro Neck Band I made during the Christmas holidays last year. It was in keeping with a promise I made almost a year ago to talk about the making of each item I made as part of the holiday marathon 2012. Click here to view post.

Today, the Lacy Hair Scrunchies by Emilee Gettle that was featured in Crochet Spot will be the highlight. This, too, was one of the give-away items I made last Christmas which I featured in my post entitled, "Holiday Season Crochet Marathon Part 3."

It was very easy to make this hair scrunchie. Following the pattern from Crochet Spot, all you have to do is make 1 sc into the hair band / elastic to get started. Then, make 55 repetitive cycles of  "ch 8 - 1 sc" into the elastic ring.  
But wait, instead of making a whole bunch of ch 8-1sc 55 times into the elastic band, I actually made alternate cycles of "ch 8 - 1 sc; ch 5 - 1 sc" pattern to cover the whole ring. A modification I thought of... hmmm saves a few yards of yarn and gives a little bit of emphasis to the artsy twirls! ;)

Simple and easy, right? Now, what are you waiting for? Why don't you grab your favorite color from your stash of yarn and start making a dozen? Would make great gifts which you could pack in pairs a week or two from now.
 Please share with me  in the comment box below which color you picked. :)

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