Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Crocodile Stitch Bracelet

I like green, so when I saw this bracelet, I was instantly attracted to its color. The original pattern for this bracelet was made by Tia Davis (click here to view).

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 I've seen and read about Crocodile Stitch from various crochet patterns but haven't crocheted anything of that sort yet. As they say, this kind of stitch could look quite complicated  but then I realized after making two or three stitches in a row, it was not difficult at all! Well, now is the first time to make my very own. Yes, anybody wouldn't ever miss the great semblance of the stitches to crocodile scales, hence the name, Crocodile Stitch. 

For my first venture on a project made of crocodile stitches, I used variegated yarn for a bracelet  although crochet literature would tell that the stitch would also make very nice and elegant scarves, shawls, flowers, and many other projects. Name it, the crocodile can make it!

Following the tutorial of Tia Davis, I was able to make this.


Learning this stitch was quite challenging! So challenging that it has inspired me to make another project. How about a handbag purely made of crocodile stitches? So keep watch for the coming posts! 
Have a great week ahead!


  1. Great post..hopping by from the Trendy Treehouse Link-Up. I haven't worked the croc stitch yet either but I bought the pattern for the hood from Bonita patterns and have the yarn bought for it.

    TracyAnn from and

    1. Thanks, Tracy, for dropping by. When will you start your hood project?

  2. I think this would awesome if done in crochet thread.

    1. I know exactly what you mean and I can already imagine it! Thanks for giving me that great idea, Lauralee!!!!! :)) Hope to see you back!


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