Saturday, December 15, 2012

Savor the Flute Aroma

I arrived home one day to the smell of cumin. I asked my daughter, Ayana Grace, "Why the Mexican smell?" Well, her seeming invasion into my kitchen laboratory is fast becoming a habit!  (Honestly, I like it especially after working more than eight hours in the office. What could be a better relief than going home to a hearty meal?) An avid fan (errr stalker?) of the Divas Can Cook YT channel and website, she was into another experiment. Oh yes, she's living up to her profession as a chemist, indeed! Last month, I posted about the Pepperoni Pizza Quesadilla dish she made, also from Divas Can Cook.

This time, I'm featuring her Tuna Flautas wrapped in tortillas. Ayana Grace used the Chicken Flautas recipe (minus the cayenne powder and cilantro which were not available in our laboratory) from the Divas Can Cook but used tuna flakes instead of chicken.  

Well, it was my first time to get a taste of Tuna Flautas  and truly, her stalking the Diva Channel was worth all the effort! Oh, by the way, I also like the Divas Can Cook web site because it doesn't only feature recipes. It includes video tutorials of the featured dishes as well. :)

Bestseller of the day
Tuna Flautas
No, no, no, these are not lumpia shanghai. These are Tuna Flautas. Hmmm... sorry, I'm at a loss for words right now!
Okay, I got it here... it was simply.... P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!! Even without the toppings! Yummy! I so love it, I can have it over and over again! But I would like to add some veggie and more cheese toppings on it next time.
Sour cream for the dip
Desiring to perfect the flauta craft, Ayana did a second experiment. Hours before I left the office another day, I received a "hurry up" text message from her because she was preparing a surprise. What could that be? Well, here it is... another flauta experiment, this time, with beef as filling and pan fried, unlike the deep fried Tuna Flautas she did the first time.
Ayana's second flautas experiment using beef as filling. They look like burritos?!!
Ana Cristina, my younger daughter, went home late that night she didn't get to taste her share, so I wrapped the Beef Flautas for her lunch the following day. Guess what, I received a text message from her at lunch time, asking who made her lunch? She also loved it! (grrinnn) Now, it's with great certainty that flautas ---be it tuna, beef or chicken---will be a frequent dish at home. 

Try it... you'll ask for more, promise!


  1. Ooh, those flautas look delicious. I've never made any at home before, but I really need to try some! Thank you for your nice comment at my blog today, Merry Christmas!

    1. So nice to hear that, Jenn! My daughter made flautas the other night which I brought to the office for lunch yesterday. It was a big hit! Why don't you try it this holiday season?

  2. These little tornadoes can be nuclear missiles in taste and nutrients. I tasted the tuna version and it was a gustatory delight. It can be a dieter's friend because of the tuna filling plus the wheat tortillas made it even healthier.
    The superstar in the taste buds was the perfect amount of cumin that made me reach for more. ( I could have even finished the remaining batch if not for 'delicadeza's sake :-)

    1. Hahaha Thanks Cha, I just realized you have the likes of Anton Ego who was rocked to the core by the partnership of Remy and Linguini in the movie, Ratatouille! Will request Ayana Grace to make flautas for DNE another time next year.

  3. Mmm... These look wonderful! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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