Tuesday, December 25, 2012

One Yummy and Healthy Idea a Week: a Year-ender Resolution

In one of my posts as a new blogger last year, I featured the crochet works of my younger daughter, Ana Cristina when she was still a college student. Click here to view post entitled, "Does it Really Run in the Blood?"

Well, many things have changed now. At 20 and having landed a job (a month after graduating from college) in a marketing company (Focus Global, Inc.) that is an exclusive Philippine distributor of several well-known international brands including consumer goods and home furnishings, there had been a shift of her interest from volleyball and entrepreneurship into products showcased by her company. Quite noticeably lately, she has gotten into the habit of bringing home food magazines that I didn't have time browsing until last Saturday. As I entered the door coming from the market, she excitedly showed off a page from the Olive Magazine telling me, "You make one like this! You make one like this!" 
The remark seemed like a key opening a new door for me because browsing over the magazines (later that day) made me realize how I've been missing on a lot of new ideas that would enhance anybody's stint in the kitchen. With all honesty, for several weeks now, the feeling of being in a limbo, wondering what meals to serve the family, has taken its toll on me. I've experienced getting into episodes of mental block as I grab my bags for the market. Ideas on dishes to cook just come as I bump into them in my favorite fish, meat or veggie stalls.

Tin's calling my attention to these mags came just in time! Here they are...

 These are just a few of the magazines she has brought home. 

The Olive Magazine Philippines, published by Bella Luce Publications, is a stylish bi-monthly magazine for food lovers who enjoy cooking, eating out and foodie travel.

The Yummy Magazine features easy meals and simple dishes for mothers who have no time to cook. Each page is full of "yummy ideas" including meal planning tips and tricks!

Appetite is where one can indulge passion in mouth-watering guide to everything about food. A good place where to start a foodie adventure to uncover a diverse array of delightful recipes. This site also features useful culinary tips and tricks, with its amazingly appetizing visuals!

Very effective photography, indeed! Appealing to the senses! I have already marked some pages where I found menus that I would like to try soooon! At this writing, my husband is also browsing over the pages and has, in fact, been pointing to me the menus he would like me to try first. Let me give you an idea what these meals are going to be... in the upcoming posts :) Now that would be something to watch out for weekly- in the coming 2013!!!

Thanks to Ana Cristina for introducing me to my new kitchen buddies. By the way, she is not a frequent kitchen-body, except when it's time for her to eat or  use the kitchen sink to wash her hands or the dishes. She's more of a hhmmm... a sofa spud especially on weekends, as she would often bring her meal in front of the TV and declare ownership of the sofa as her bed.

Getting ready to a healthier new year. Care to join me? Please share your healthy food ideas and tips on the comment box below. I would love to read them! Happy holidays!


  1. I'm not familiar with these magazines. Thank you for the introduction! Thank you for linking to the Adorned From Above Blog Hop! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Hi Marci, these are local magazines but are available outside the Philippines. You may also download digital issues. Yeah, it was fun joining the blog hop! Thank you for the visit, though this reply comes late. :(

  2. Can't wait to see what you've in store for us. Happy New Year!

    1. So, have you been following the featured recipes in keeping with my promise? Thanks for the visit!


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