Thursday, December 13, 2012

Flower Necklace

Last year, I posted about the crocheted gifts I gave away for my friends (click here to view post). These are the Rainbow Coasters, the Lacy Hair Scrunchies, the Crocheted Necklace, Coffee Sleeves, Flower Basket Corsage, Beverage Cozies and the Retro Neck Band. For the past weeks, I've been posting also about the making of each of these crocheted gifts.  So far, I have featured individually the making of the Retro Neck Band, the Lacy Hair Scrunchies, the Rainbow Coasters and the Flower Basket Corsage. I haven't posted yet about the making of the Coffee Sleeves and the Beverage Cozies. But I will, yes, very, very soon!

For this year, I've been thinking of making floral give-aways. In fact, I have already started another flower crochet marathon! To start with, I made a rose which I featured in the post entitled, "Rose Buds as Identifiers." Click here to view post.

And now, for my second flower project, here, take a look...

 It started with this flower applique. The pattern for the flowers I got from Monday Project - Crocheted May Flowers by Art Threads. The post offers a tutorial on how to make small and large pieces of flowers.

The tutorial from Art Threads also includes a simple and easy pattern for crocheting leaves but for this work, I made my own by just looking at the beautiful piece of crochet art in the photo below, from where the whole idea came from.

Crocheted flower necklace floral cotton yellow blue purple lilac dolphin from Etsy
This is a real beauty, don't you think? To inspire you more, watch the video below showcasing a variety of designs.

Now for the cord, having in mind my plain blue dress in the first photo above, here is what I did... SCs round and round and round all the way from beginning to end. I was able to do that while watching my favorite TV shows!
Pattern from How to Make a Necklace Cord from Crochet Flowers
So here, take another look at my finished product! This crocheted flower necklace indeed makes a perfect accessory for my plain blue dress. Don't you think so? It already got more than 20 likes on my FB page :)

 Do you like it? It's very easy. Now, why don't you start making the flowers, then the leaves and the cord? Then share your crocheted flower at my FB page at or click here to view.


  1. Thank you for adding your link. I am fond of crochet too. Happy crochet :)

  2. Very cheerful flower necklace! Well done to you! :)

    1. Thank you. Glad you like it! Hope to see you again here!

  3. Oooo. I like this! I can't crochet to save my life, but I do have a book full of knitted flower patterns. I bet I could improvise. This would be a staple spring/summer accessory for me. :-D

    1. Thanks, Michelle. Oh yes, you may improvise, just like what I did. Hope to see you back!


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