Saturday, March 23, 2013

Buttons Up!

Two buttons grabbed in a day!!! Yipee! Garden Chef has just been featured twice!

Simple Living and Eating
Superthanks to you, Diane of Simple Living and Eating Foodie Friday,  for promoting my foodie blog (Uncover the Strata) featuring the Strata recipe I got from "The Old Farmer's Everyday Cookbook Almanac."
Garden Chef's Strata
  "This is a very frugal recipe. You can throw your stale bread in to it, and whatever meat and vegetables you have in the fridge. Mixed with some cheese and eggs and you have a comforting meal," says Diane.

Life on Lakeshore Drive
Fabulous Friday Features, thank you for taking notice of Garden Chef's Crocodile Crochet (CROC-het) Purse

Garden Chef's Crocodile Crochet (CROC-het) Purse

Your sweet comment is as soothing as the cool winds of the night:
"Garden Chef's Needle and Pen created this beautiful crocodile crochet purse.  So pretty!"

Happy weekend on cloud nine, everyone!!!!


  1. You are the sweetest Eve. Thank you again for being a part of Foodie Friday.

    1. Great opportunity! Would always love to take part!


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