Saturday, April 19, 2014

No Greater Love

My family and I attended the Good Friday Service in our church yesterday. Our pastor gave an expository preaching about the Seven Last Words of Christ. During the service, the congregation was led into singing "No Greater Love". I am no singer but I couldn't help reflecting on the lyrics of the song that goes,  

"You love me,
When I was so unlovely,
You sought me
When I was lost; 
You showed me
How much You really loved me, 
When You bought me
At the highest cost.

There's no greater love than this,
That a man would give his life for a friend;
There's no higher sacrifice
Than a man would give his life, 
You have paid
A precious price for me.

You chose me, 
When I was so unworthy
You cleansed me
With Your own blood;
You clothed me
With righteousness and mercy,
And You crowned me
With Your steadfast love."

What greater love, indeed, would allow anyone to lay down his life for a friend? "So high the price He paid..." goes the lyrics of a song the church choir sang in between the preaching sessions. 

"So high the price He paid, the nails, the cross, the grave. 
Such pardon He bestowed, such grace He showed.
No greater sacrifice, He gave His very life.
So deep His love, so high the price!

I sat quietly on the pew, reflecting on the lyrics of these songs. How a wretched and filthy sinner like me could be saved from the sinfulness of sin when no less than God Himself stepped down from Heaven's throne to carry the cross and wear the crown of thorns? That's grace beyond measure! 

Thank You, Lord, for dying on the cross for me!
The photos above and below were taken at the Swiss National Museum

Thank You because You are nailed on the cross no more! You have risen from the grave. The power that raised You from the grave now works in our lives to save. Thank You because You freed our hearts to live Your grace. Thank You that You are alive. You're alive, seated at the right hand of God and in heaven glorified! 

May you have a blessed celebration of Easter!

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