Saturday, April 12, 2014

Walking Down the Streets of Zurich: Episode 1

Are you ready for this walk? As I promised in my previous post, this is going to be a real long walk! Having no ticket to get either a tram, bus or train ride, there was not much choice left but to go on foot. But wait, first make sure you had a sumptuous breakfast! That's exactly what we had... a real heavy breakfast, our first meal in the hotel. Day 2 in Zurich.

From the hotel, we crossed to the other side of Pfingstweidstrasse. There we saw this view of the two buildings just across. 
The Resistance - Renaissance of Zurich West
The names and the looks of these buildings aroused my curiosity. Resistance and Renaissance. Similar font style on both buildings, yes, and situated near each other! Intrigued with these, I made a separate post featuring more photos and the story behind the Resistance and Renaissance. See you there. Click here to view post. 

Oh there you are, welcome back! It's time to move on... continue walking to the city. Are you still coming along? Just wanna make sure... okay, come on then...

Determined not to get lost, we just followed the route of Tram no. 4. Mission: To find the station where we could buy tram tickets without having to use our credit card in any tram station along the road. How about coins? Yes, of course, we could have used coins to get tram tickets but we just didn't have the exact amount yet.

Here's the Tram Station at Technopark Zurich West. It's the nearest Tram Station to our hotel.

At the Tram Station, one could buy tickets using coins or credit card. 

In my other post entitled, "A View of the Alps and the City of Zurich from Wipkingen Church" I already featured the route from Technoparkstrasse to Limmatstrasse via Hardstrasse. And so, in this post, I'll take it off from there. 

From Hardstrasse, we crossed to Limmatstrasse, where we saw KV Zurich Business School again. We just went straight along Limmatstrasse. 

We passed by Dammweg (pronounced dam-vig). Seeing that bridge was simply amazing! I was looking at a viaduct traversing Josefstrasse, Heinrichstrasse and Limmatstrasse along Zurich West with a shopping area underneath its 36 arches. By the way, a viaduct is a long bridge with a series of arches, carrying a road or railroad across a valley or low ground.

The Dammweg Viaduct

See the viaduct arches of the railway? Underneath these arches is a unique shopping and commercial center with more than 30 shops and grocery halls built during the 19th century.
We didn't visit any of the stores but in my heart, how I wished I had a chance to drop by another time to window shop. Sad to say, there was not much time.

Walking farther, we came along Quellenstrasse and found Anthony's Kitchen

Oh, once again, I was so enamored with the sight of the barren trees that I took quite a number of shots. See these...

I just never got tired looking at the trees!

Three blocks from there, we reached Limmatplatz. In here, we were about to rest for a while but having found no public seat, instead we took photos of the lone tree encased in a concrete circular ring. See photo below.

Without claiming the intended rest, not even a minute to take a seat, we continued to explore some streets near Limmatplatz. From Limmatstrasse, we turned right at Langstrasse, just strolled along, took some shots of the buildings like this...

... and photos of ads mounted on the wall.

Hmmm... where are we now? Oh, we just turned left at Fierzgasse... 

... then traced our way back to Limmatplatz again. Took this photo before leaving the Limmatplatz circle.

We're treading Limmatstrasse once again. After walking one block we saw this church just across the street. This is actually the third church we encountered in our two-day stay here in Zurich.

That's Johanneskirche. We didn't have to cross as the full view of the church was better from the other side of the street. Look at the photo below. Isn't it lovely?

Walking farther at the sidewalk of Limmatstrasse, I just enjoyed looking at the buildings behind the trees... like this...

 and these... 

until we reached the tram station near Klingenpark and the Museum fur Gestaltung.

By this time, we were approaching Parkhaus Hauptbahnhof near Sihlquai.

Then we reached the Tram Station at Hauptbahnhof where we stopped for a while.

We had to take heed at nature's call. We surveyed the area around. Checked Starbucks but changed our mind. St. Gallerhof was closed. 

We entered another building still at Hauptbahnhof. 

Inside the building, we saw Einstein's famous equation. 
But wait, can somebody tell me what's wrong with it? 
 Well, my husband, being a mathematician, of course, didn't let this pass. (Afterall, mathematics is the very reason that brought him to Zurich!) He had to bring this equation home!

We've been going around the area several times, yet we couldn't find a public WC. Since it was almost 10:00 am we thought it was time for us to sit down to claim that much needed rest after all the walking we've been through since 7:00 am. We also thought it was time to fill our stomach with anything edible yet affordable AND use the WC at the same time!!! 

 Before                                                   After
Well, we did hit two birds with one stone at Blueberry! Our tummies satisfied, our bladder relieved! Happiness to the max! :) :)

Oh, I think we have gone far enough.  Don't you think you also deserve a special treat after keeping us company for almost two hours?! Well, we can find each other after a break. Keep yourself posted for the second half of the trip, this time, we will be cruising along Limmat River. See you again soon!


  1. eve, such fun for you!!!! Love your pics!

    1. Oh, thank you, Mariana! Hope to see you back. More pics coming up!


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