Monday, April 7, 2014

The Birds of Wipkinger Park

Last month, I posted about our long walk to get a glimpse of the city of Zurich right on the day we arrived on the place (click here to view post). That memorable walk brought us to Wipkingen Church where we enjoyed a view of the Alps for the first time. 

The steeple of Wipkingen Church can be seen a few meters away

On our way back to the hotel, we were so glad to see Zeugma Cafe and Bar! It was a great relief for us who were then so tired and thirsty.  It seemed like it was among the very few (food) stores that were open that day. Zschokkestrasse, that's the name of the street where Zeugma was located.

We decided to take away a whole box of pizza for snacks and dinner (but I actually ate my last slice at 4am the following day!). While waiting for the pizza, I just had some gulp of bottled water to quench away my thirst. Then we found our way again.
We bought pizza from Zeugma Cafe and Bar
The map below shows the direction from the Wipkingen Church to Wipkinger Park.
From Wipkingen Church to Wipkinger Park
After walking several meters from Zeugma at Zschokkestrasse where we bought the pizza, we came to a bridge (Wipkingerbrucke) crossing the same river we crossed on our way to Wipkingen Church, only that this time, we were on the other side of the road (Rosengartenstrasse). 
Hardbrucke (the bridge on top); Wipkingerbrucke (the bridge below)

We didn't cross the bridge yet because we saw, not very far from it was a park where people were seated on the long stretch of concrete staircase on one side of the river. See the photo below.

People resting by the side of the river
We came closer, sat on the stairs and watched the birds swim and fly along the river.  
At Wipkinger Park one could enjoy the sight of clear water while listening to the chirping of birds

Beautiful sight we enjoyed at the park! I couldn't seem to take my eyes off the birds especially as they fly in throng away from the river then back again!
The trees at Wipkinger Park
Oh, how I love the color of the trees around the park! I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos. Here, I wouldn't want you to miss having a glimpse of the birds at Wipkinger Park.

Watching the birds at Wipkinger Park on a Sunday Afternoon

I hate to say this, but it's time to go. Time to trace our steps back to the hotel and get some rest for tomorrow is another long day. More places to see! So expect another long walk, oh, YES, I'm not kidding! A longer walk it was, indeed, this time, to the heart of the city of Zurich!


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