Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ponciana's Kitchen, a Home away from Home

Happy Sunday everyone! How's your day? Well, mine...I mean, ours was spent attending the Worship Service this morning. After the church service, my daughters and I were unanimous in our suggestion to have a taste of home for lunch (no, no, no, we didn't mean our own home! although I did prepare something for lunch at home!). 

Billy, my husband, without any violent reaction, as if he was expecting this, silently drove to Lot 16B Blk 6 Omega St., West Fairview, Quezon City. That's the only perfect place we know where we could enjoy home cooking at its best---  Ponciana's Kitchen, our home not very far away from our very own home! 

If you live nearby and would be interested to try this place, here's a map of the vicinity.

Located along the road, you will be welcomed by this green foliage, giving it a cool ambiance.

Oh, come on in! Afterall, we came here to eat! We place our orders at the counter. Here are what they usually have... a parade of homemade dishes!

Take note that I labeled the dishes we usually order at a very affordable price. 
Php 85 for a single order which can be shared by the whole family! 

Fresh Lumpia

Baked Boneless Bangus

Crispy Spinach

Grilled Salmon 
While waiting for the food to be served, take a good pose, like this... Nice background? 

Outside the dining area, here's another good place to take more photos.

 Look at these!

  My husband and I had two shots taken at the same place! Same background! 
Would you like to spot the difference? Well, the photo on the left was taken a year ago. 

That's me with my floral dress, a perfect match to the background eh?!
What do you think? Oh, you don't like me in the picture? Okay then... here.

Hi, nice to see you're still there! Hope you enjoyed your lunch because ours was a scrumptious one! Thank you, Lord for your provision! 

Enjoy the coming week!

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