Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The African Flower Turns 24

I was googling for some images to post for Mother's Day last Sunday. I found one which reminded me of one Sunday exactly 24 years ago.  For some reasons though, I wasn't able to post the image but here it is...
Photo from google
Why did I pick that image? Well, it reminds me of this...

4.4 lbs! Oh yes, I never ever thought she would see the light that early! I (I mean, we... Billy, my husband, and I) was not yet ready!

May 13, 1990, that's exactly 24 years ago when I went under the knife for the first time. I was diagnosed to have preeclampsia (a medical condition in a pregnant woman characterized by increased blood pressure and high levels of protein in the urine. Praise God it didn't progress to eclampsia, which is even more life-threatening, as it is characterized by seizures during pregnancy.) I was treated with intravenous fluids containing antihypertensive medications. My blood pressure went as high as 180/110 and wouldn't go back to normal, that my obstetrician decided to do an emergency Cesarian Section.

She was inside the incubator with oxygen for a day or two.

Ayana Grace in her crib at the Nursery
Born 6 weeks prematurely, Ayana Grace (Ayana means wild African flower and Grace means God's gift. Yanyan for short.) was so tiny at birth, that her father would usually hold her with just one hand. 

At less than a week old after coming out of the hospital

Today, two days after the whole world celebrated Mother's Day, Ayana Grace is celebrating her 24th birthday and so this post is just to share glimpses of our family's journey with her. Let's walk down memory lane...

Baby Ayana Grace

She seemed to know that she's facing the camera! Smile, Yan!

She received a good and early potty training from her grandmother, a retired Grade One school teacher, an expert in handling 6 to 7 year old kids! (I hope she won't kill me for posting this photo! I'm crossing my fingers!)

Ayana Grace: "Yehey, I can walk!!!! Can anybody take me out of this crib?"

Oh, there you are! Look at Yanyan playing with Ana Cristina (her younger sister, Tintin)... pretending to be a fairy or one of the dancing princesses! Little sister, Tin, is her--- escort?

Now, they're in the castle and she's sitting on her throne. Guess who made their crowns!?

Doesn't she look nice with her long braided hair? Billy and I both loved that hat at first sight! It did look good on Ayana Grace! As if she has grown her hair that long in an instant!

Ayana Grace at 4 years old

 Billy put up this swing on a branch of the mango tree in front of our house 
which Yanyan and Tintin enjoyed very much.

 Getting ready for her first piano recital

Slowly the little flower blossomed into a teenager... 

... graduated from college
College graduation: B.S. in Chemistry from the University of the Philippines in Los Banos
and took her oath as a professional chemist.
The loves of her life... 

Fashion. Shoes.

 Fashion jewelries

Sweets, oh yeah!!!!! If you have read my posts, I have mentioned every now and then how she has invaded my kitchen laboratory and has been successful at that. Click the links to view what she has been up to -- Savor the Flute Aroma and The African Flower is in Bloom

Cosmetics--- make-up, lipstick, eye care, name it, she's into it.


She's got an amazing collection of nailpolish and nailarts accessories. A nailaholic? Look!

Oh, please wait... there's more! She also blogs about all these products --- San San, Pixy, Asian Secrets, GirlStuff, iWhite, Caronia, Bobbie, Belo and many others. Hmmm... I also get to use some of them! 

The photo below was taken last year when she was the featured blogger of HBC for the whole month of May and her poster was set up in all HBC branches nationwide. 

Well, I confess, it was Ayana Grace who introduced me to bloggerdome. 

Oh, oh, oh, she's here now. Still got a number of photos to upload but I need to post this one now! I really hope I don't get a spanking for this!

For my finale photos...
Ayana Grace with Dragon Warrior and Merlion

and a cute birthday surprise treat for her advanced celebration last weekend. 
The person behind Codename Aya

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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