Saturday, May 30, 2015

Moshi is crying again!

Credits to Ayana Grace for this photo

"Moshi!" Everybody would shout everytime Moshi cries incessantly. Well, we couldn't enjoy watching TV peacefully, that's why. Going 12 years old, Moshi has revealed so much of himself to us ... to me. He would only cry when nature calls and whenever he would like us to do things for him such as getting his chair and beddings in place. Last and worse of all, he cries when he hears thunder and big bangs like fireworks. 

Tonight he won't stop crying again.  Well, didn't I tell you? No use shouting and calling for him to stop. See, he simply saw it coming. The what??? Uhmmm... nothing but the downpour of rain! 

Click here Moshi is crying, rain is coming! and get to know more about our dear Moshi. 

The rain has stopped now and Moshi is quiet once more. Oh, what a relief!

Moshi, taking a breath of fresh air after the rain

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