Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Featured in 26 Random Acts of Kindness

Garden Chef was featured in 26 Random Acts of Kindness - Blogger Style  by 4 You With Love last month! Sorry if this came late. I prepared this last month but the holiday activities prevented me from finishing the post :(

4 You With Love blogged about the tragedy that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary last month.  A gunman was able to take 26 lives in that one horrific act and so  she challenged herself to do 26 random acts of kindness in her December 21, 2012 post. She did this by going through the posts that have linked up at Link Party With a Cause and selected 26 blogs with fewer than 200 GFC followers (or Facebook if GFC was not listed).  Then, gave these bloggers the gift of following them.  So that's how Gardenchef's Retro Neck Band came to be featured in her blog (click here to view other featured blogs). 

Here's the Retro Neck Band featured in 26 Random Acts of Kindness - Blogger Style by 4 You With Love.
My Retro Neck Band

The original Retro Neck Band by Ann Linderhjelm

It was indeed a blessing to have participated in the link up of Link Party With a Cause because for every link in the party, the blog sponsors donated $1.00 to the bereaved families of Sandy Hook. There were 840 blogs linked up in the party. I was just so glad for having joined. It was great opportunity to share blessings to those in grief! May links for this cause be blessed all the more this coming year!


  1. this was a good way for showing your compassion..
    neck band is nice.

    1. So glad you dropped by! Thanks to 4 You With Love for initiating the activity!

  2. Cute neckband. Thanks for all your great comments. I am not following via GFC, FB, Twit, & Pin!

    1. Thanks for following me, Diana! And for everything I learned from you, I'm forever indebted.


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