Sunday, June 9, 2013

3 Necklace Cords and a Flower Applique

Hello there! I'm already sleepy but I couldn't resist posting this. I need some advice. You see, I made all these stuff at different times in the past. 

All WIPs that still need just a few finishing touches. 

I'm a collector of flowers, I admit, especially of roses. But for the flowers here, I used the pattern of 5-Petal Crochet Flower by One Dog Woof. For the leaves, I used the Irish Oranges pattern of Annette Petavy from Lastly, for the necklace cords, I used two different patterns--- How to Make a Necklace Cord  from Crochet Flowers and Corkscrew Spiral Necklace by Pompom Emporium.

I promised a friend that I will give her a crocheted necklace. My dilemma is I don't know which necklace cord to give her. I'm also planning to unfasten the leaves from the flowers to give it another look. Help! I need some of your most precious opinion please!!!!! Enjoy the coming week!
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  1. Lovelt colors for lovely works !
    Have a nice week !

    1. Hi Anna, thank you! Still trying to figure out how to finish this project.

  2. Perhaps you could make the crochet leaves slightly smaller and fit the roses and leaves then on the purple cord.

    1. Yes, you are right. Thank you for giving me one bright idea!


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