Saturday, June 29, 2013

Where am I?

Photo from Google
Can't find myself... I mean, can't view my blogs from my Blogger dashboard reading list! I see all the blogs I follow except my own blogs!!!!

Something is wrong somewhere. What and where could it be? Can't remember altering the settings. Couldn't figure it out. 

Hear ye! Hear ye! Any help out there? I feel like I'm in a limbo :( Would appreciate any tip or suggestion! Thank you!

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  1. Hello, Garden Chef! Try reload page. I used to have the same.
    Anyway, I hope you know that Google reader would be shut down on the 1st of July. So, switch to bloglovin for example.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you for responding to my call for help. Did you see my blog from your blogger list? I've tried reloading many times but it didn't work. Yes, I'm aware about Google Reader shutting down in a few days and I have also opened a bloglovin account.

    2. Yes, I could see your blog post in my blogger list. I agree with Aya, may be it has to do with the shutting down of Google reader...
      Anyway, I have already added your blog in bloglovin too.

    3. Thank you for adding me in bloglovin. I really don't know what happened but I saw my blog back in my blogger list yesterday. I hope I don't lose it again :)

  2. Don't panic. I heard some others are having RSS problems too. It might have something to do with Google Reader's shutdown tomorrow. Give it a week ;]


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